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Review of Chaps Stretch Poplin Shirt

Updated on December 14, 2017
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Simon's background is in biomedical and health science. He also writes about fashion, nature, and photography.

Chaps Stretch Poplin Shirt
Chaps Stretch Poplin Shirt | Source

What is Chaps?

Chaps is an American clothing and home fashion brand that is part of the Ralph Lauren Corporation. It was founded in 1978, offering mid-range all-American style for men, women, children and the home. It makes sportswear with preppy and nautical themes to fine tailored clothing.

Where Can You Buy Chaps Clothing?

In Canada, Chaps' products can be found at Hudson's Bay, a higher end department store that's been around for hundreds of years. I have bought many Chaps clothing over the years from hoodies to sweaters at Hudson's Bay.

In the US, they are available from Kohl's, Belk, Bon-ton and Stage Stores.

Colour and Design

This past Black Friday, I was shopping at Hudson's Bay and found a Chaps Stretch Poplin Shirt on their sales rack. I was immediately drawn to it's fresh and cheerful colours. The shirt had two colours: white and Sag Harbour blue. Sag Harbour blue looks like a greenish blue, almost like teal. The colours were arranged in a checkered pattern, with relatively large squares. I was very pleased with the checkered pattern. I thought it had a nice classic design.


The Chaps shirt is a sport shirt that features a classic button front, a collared neckline, with long sleeves. It also has a pocket on the left chest. The buttons on the shirt are white. I loved the style of the shirt as it looked easy and classic.


The next thing I looked at was whether the shirt was my size. Luckily, it was. The shirt was a medium, which is what I normally wear in shirts. Chaps medium is probably a little bigger than the mediums of other brands like the Gap. Being a bit large wasn't going to be that bad. I could always get it altered. I was happy with the size.


I then had to look at the price. I couldn't believe it. The shirt was originally priced at $60, and was reduced to $18. A shirt like that for $18 was a real bargain. I knew I had to have it at this amazing price.

High Cotton and Elastane Blend
High Cotton and Elastane Blend | Source


The last thing I looked at before buying it was the shirt's label. I wanted to see what it was made of. I was happy to find out it was made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. The elastane is what gives the shirt its stretch. The shirt is definitely comfortable and is very soft.

The Purchase

I was pleased with everything about the Chaps Stretch Poplin shirt. The colours were perfect. I loved the checkered pattern. The material was great too. I prefer clothing to be made of cotton. This shirt with it's high cotton content fits the bill. The price was a steal. I couldn't pass up this shirt for such a low price. So I got it.

The Chaps Shirt Is Just A Bit Roomy
The Chaps Shirt Is Just A Bit Roomy | Source

The Fit

I didn't try on the Chaps shirt in the store. I just placed the shirt over my body to see how it would fit. When I brought it home, I washed it and dried it. I was hoping that the heat would cause it to shrink a bit for a tighter fit. After laundering, the shirt was still slightly a bit big for me. It didn't look that bad though. I would have prefer it be a slim fit shirt. I think that a slim fit would hug my body more and would show a slender profile.


This shirt can be worn with jeans or khakis. It would work with dress pants as well. Hence, I could wear it out for an informal lunch or with a dressier outfit for a formal dinner.

Final Verdict

Everything about this shirt was nearly perfect. The colours were bright and had an upbeat feeling. The style was classic and sporty. The material was soft and comfortable. Who could beat the price? $18 for a sport shirt by Chaps was a huge win. The only thing I didn't like was the fit. I wish they had made it a slim fit shirt. That would have made the Chaps Stretch Poplin shirt perfect. Overall, I was very pleased with my purchase. Like the other Chaps clothing that I got, the quality of the item was very high. I would highly recommend this Chaps Stretch Poplin shirt.


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