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Review of Demeter Fragrance Library's summer style scents

Updated on June 9, 2016

Summer is the time to wear a light, fun, refreshing personal scent. Think of the special activities that take place in warm weather: picnics, beach time, outdoor parties, working in the garden. Each of these fun things to do has an evocative fragrance connected with it -- going deep into your memory. Demeter Fragrance Library has a number of scents in different sizes and formats (including for the home and body) that are perfect for this time of year! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Do you remember running after the ice cream truck going down the street when you were a kid? Did it blast a tinkling version of "Turkey in the Staw" as it passed through the neighborhood? That's exactly what you'll be thinking of when you smell Orange Cream Pop. It's meant to bring out fresh orange, vanilla bean ice cream and a touch of wooden popsicle stick. I detected that freshly squeezed orange note right away: sparkling, natural, fresh. It's not orange sherbet or ice. The dry down reveals a subtle vanilla and wooden stick note. This is a sweet, clean scent -- not cloying at all. You'll be easy to get near on hot nights!

Saltwater Taffy as a confection began at a boardwalk shop in Atlantic City that became flooded with sea water. Demeter's version is meant to be a vanilla-caramel variety, which comes through right away to the nose. It has a warm sweetness, but not an overpowering "gourmand" fragrance. There's also a generous hit of salt. You'll probably want to use this on sultry days or nights when there's salty perspiration on your skin -- it will go well!

Depending on how old you are, you might remember a few classic sun care brands and their distinctive scents. Suntan Lotion will remind you of your favorite summer songs being played on transistor radios or boom boxes, lying on a towel and splashing in the water. I would describe it as a creamy beach fragrance with a rich orange blossom note.

Fresh roses are a whole different scent than most rose perfumes. There's a spiciness about them, a slight fruitiness, richness without oiliness. That's what Pruning Shears is all about! It's not metallic at all. The notes include Bulgarian Rose and Rose Absolute. It's a fresh, modern, youthful floral.

If Sangria is a classic summer drink, White Sangria is especially so. This wine-fruit punch is made with white wine and juicier, lighter fruits like peaches, pineapple, apple, lemon. They all come out in this scent -- especially the sweet lemon. The dry down reveals light wine and apple. This is a sweet, sparkling scent that's especially alluring in hot weather.

It seems that the most elegant of people drink Gin & Tonic cocktails in summer! There are many different style of gin out there, with various botanical components. This has a sweetness that dries to a slight juniper/vanilla/citrus melange. It's sensual; you will not smell like "booze"! This is a flirty fragrance that's warm.

Cooling, refreshing, memorable and changing . . . Thunderstorm is all of those things, just as they are in real life! There's a hit of ozone, metal, wet concrete, plant oils and wet earth. It's more on the masculine side and perfectly appropriate for the work day.

5 stars for Demeter Fragrance Library


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