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Review of Pureology Fullfyl: a luxurious hair thickening system

Updated on June 22, 2016

If you're into hair styling trends -- and if you want to appear youthful and current in your look, you'd better be -- then you're aware that fake hair is out of fashion. Natural, lush, thick hair is in! Traditionally, products that thickened hair relied on plastic derivatives or heavy waxes that weighed hair down. They made hair most untouchable and snarled. With hair care from days of old, you certainly couldn't run a fine-toothed comb through it. Often, you couldn't even use a wide-toothed, detangling comb!

Now, from the experts in color-treated hair -- Pureology -- comes a new thickening system: Fullfyl. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

While the vast majority of hair lines have one shampoo/conditioner set labeled "for color treated hair", Pureology has long specialized into treating a wide range of tresses -- including those that are thin and limp.

A few unique ingredients, including IntraCylane and PhytoBlend plant proteins, give density without altering the hair's softness. The shampoo is rich and pearlized, with a light red apple scent. This is a "rinse and repeat" style wash. It has no sulfates and is 100% vegan, which is an important consideration for many people.

This is a complete system that works in synergy with each other. You get the full benefits when using the other products, together. The conditioner is a light lotion consistency, also with a light red apple/chamomile type of fragrance. After leaving the product in for 1-2 minutes, your hair will be manageable, but not too slippery.

Finally, the Densifying Spray gives more "oompf" to your hair, without having to use old-fashioned mousses and waxes to try and add thickness. The spray doesn't really have a discernible scent. For summertime, this is a great choice for that sexy look, without having product melting on your complexion.

5 stars for Pureology Fullfyl


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