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Review of Éclair Naturals, a luxurious body care line

Updated on June 8, 2016

Éclair Naturals is an American body care line incorporating food grade ingredients into their products. They're free from animal products, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), petroleum, artificial colors, gluten or soy. They're also cruelty-free. Everything is crafted in their kitchen bakery. Artisan beauty products are the hottest thing right now! I was happy to be hosted to experience them!

Between natural herbs, oils and fruit extracts, items in the line have delicious -- but not phony/artificial/candy -- fragrances. They would definitely work for any age, any gender.

Their points of difference from other self-care products one might get at a health food store include their fun presentation, gourmand scents -- opposed to "hippie" fragrances -- and efficacious formulations.

Eclair Naturals' Fizzy Bath Cupcake comes in several fragrances, including richly scented Lavender & Vanilla. It's got a baking soda base - which adds an alkaline to the water. That creates a silky effect to the bath and your skin. It's a lot sturdier than most "bath bombs"; I found that I could actually re-use it several times. Almond oil, lavender oil and Vitamin E contribute additional softening, nourishing qualities.

They have several types of body scrubs -- not merely different scents: brown sugar, (regular) sugar, Himalayan sea salt and Dead Sea salt. Each has different benefits; some are better for dry skin, oily, flaky, etc. I tried Himalayan sea salt, which is reputed to be the purest, cleanest salt in the world. It comes in a grapefruit scent, with fruit peel, almond and jojoba oils. This is an oilier, wetter scrub, so it adds an attractive glow to your body that's great for revealing summer outfits, etc. A salt and grapefruit scrub is good for combating cellulite and prepping skin for self-tanner. This product also has arnica extract, which is used by homeopathic healers to combat bruising.

They make several scents of handcrafted soaps. The thick, chunky bars are dense and long-lasting. They make a creamy lather and, like their other products, have plant extracts and oils.

5 stars for Eclair Naturals


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