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Right Guard Deodorant Coupons

Updated on June 3, 2012

RIght Guard is a popular brand of deodorant available in a variety of strengths and scents. Right Guard coupons will save you money on your next purchase. Some of the best discounts can be found on the Internet, including Right Guard deodorant printable coupons. This page will provide information about the company, products and where to find the best deals.

RIght Guard was introduced in the 1960s by Gillette. Today, the brand is owned by the Henkel Corporation and is one of the top selling men's deodorant. Right Guard is marketed towards athletic males and has used athletes as spokesmen. Some of the well known athletes that have appeared in commercials include Chris Paul, Charles Barkley and Brett Favre. Movie fans may remember the Charlie Sheen attempting to film a Right Guard commercial in the film "Major League II." In 2011, Right Guard was "The Official Deodorant and Body Wash of the NBA."

Where To Find 2012 Right Guard Coupons

Many people begin their search for RIght Guard discounts on the Internet. Right Guard printable coupons can often be found on various websites. The best place to start is on their official website. There is an "offers" link on the site that takes you to their current offers. You can also find specials by joining Right Guard's Facebook page and following them on Twitter. Several coupon sites frequently have special offers on Right Guard products. In 2011, Deal Seeking Mom, Coupon Mountain and Coupon Cabin have current discounts.

You will occasionally find manufacturer's coupons in your local paper or in the mail. Check your local retailer's weekly sale flier for discounts. Stores such as Publix, Walgreens, Target and Wal-Mart will often offer Right Guard at a cheaper price.

Charlie Sheen Right Guard Commercial in "Major League II"

Right Guard Products

Right Guard offers a variety of products, including their Sport and Total Defense lines of deodorants and washes. Below is a list of some of their most popular products.
  1. Sport Invisible Solid and Gel
  2. Sport Aerosol Antiperspirant and Deodorant
  3. Total Defense PowerStripe
  4. Total Defense PowerGel
  5. Total Defense 5 Body Wash

Coupon Policies

It is important to read your coupons carefully before using them. The fine print usually contains important information about the discount. Some of the information includes an expiration date, which products the discount applies to, quantity and where the coupon can be redeemed. If you are planning to use a printable coupon, you may have to register on the website and download a printer before gaining access to coupon. Be aware that even if you find the coupon you want, it may no longer be available.

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