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Risks And Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Abroad, Cheap Foreign Cosmetic Surgery Problems

Updated on December 14, 2015
Pigmentation Discoloration
Pigmentation Discoloration

The risks and dangers involved in using foreign cosmetic surgeons.

Numerous stories have been released in recent years regarding cheap cosmetic surgery abroad. The promise of cut price surgery has lured hundreds of thousands of US and British citizens to partake in a trade which has proven, on occasions, to be fatal.

As well as causing possible death, cheap foreign cosmetic surgery can leave the potential patient with lifelong physical scarring, permanent disfigurement, potential blood poisoning, and a massively decreased sense of self esteem: as well losing all the money that has been paid for the ordeal.

Many foreign ( not all ) cosmetic surgery practices or centres, do not have the required medical staff or equipment to carry out the reconstructive surgery which they advertise on the internet and in the media.

In many countries across the globe, there are no qualifications required for a surgeon to carry out cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, some of these countries have a large number of disfigured patients walking the streets, a by-product of their 'surgeons' practicing techniques.

Before & After

Cheap Foreign Cosmetic Surgery Problems

Many patients return from foreign trips with cheap cosmetic surgery which is suitable for the patient and is quite safe. Many don't.

Some of the problems or risks lay with untrained or unskilled cosmetic surgeons whose ability to provide a quality service are near nil. Other problems are the hygienic surroundings of the so called operation theaters, some of which are actually in a rear room of a home, a garage, or an abandoned warehouse.

Silicone poisoning, scarring, bleeding, inflammation, infections, amputations and death are some of the results from using cheaper foreign surgery as an alternative.

Licensed foreign cosmetic surgeons and surgeries can offer a better service for all their patients in hygienic surroundings with qualified or well practiced cosmetic surgeons with little or no complications. But not all the time.

There is never a guarantee that there will be no problems involved during or after the surgery.

Illegal Cosmetic Surgery Trade

Breast implants fetch a high price on the black market in EVERY country. Many of the illegal silicone filled bags are stolen.

Some faulty silicone filled bags have been lost whilst being returned to the manufacturer. These may have design problems, slight faults, or are already leaking. Other silicone implants are second hand, they have already been used once and have been removed for various reasons including leakage and the death of a former patient. The same goes for the saline breast implants.

If a person is situated in front of a selection of implants and asked to choose which one they would like to have inserted, how would a potential patient know which ones are new and safe, or which ones may have caused the death of their previous host ? They couldn't.

Free Link To More Information On: Black Market Breast Implants

Type Of Silicone Poisoning
Type Of Silicone Poisoning

Cosmetic Surgery Insurance

Cosmetic surgery insurance is obtainable, but can be expensive and difficult to comprehend with many gray areas which may be baffling. It is these areas which need to be defined for each individual person prior to signing on the dotted line or before parting with any money.

Many reconstructive surgery insurance policies will only cover certain operations, in certain countries, and only up to a certain level of compensation.

There have been many cases where insurance companies have refused any payment to patients whom have undergone cosmetic surgery which has gone wrong, because of a clause in the fine print.

Prospective patients wishing to undertake cheap cosmetic surgery abroad should undertake to fully read any insurance policy which they are intending to obtain.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

The list of cosmetic surgery procedures is virtually endless. From mini face lifts, tummy tucks and rhinoplasty, ( nose jobs ) to skin grafts, cheek and chin implants and breast implants.

Many patients who have undergone surgery abroad have been left with foreign bodies, such as swabs, left inside their bodies. This is a more common occurrence than any plastic surgeon would admit to.

Any type of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery carries a certain element of risk, going abroad for cosmetic operations may be more risky without fully researching the proposed surgeon or surgery.

Before and after photographs of supposed patients may be computer generated and not real.

Horror Stories


A patient has a tummy tuck and some liposuction done to herself in a surgery in Wroclaw. The liposuction was carried out in the wrong place on her lips whilst the patient was under anaesthetic.

She developed sepsis ( decay ) in the wound and now has necrosis ( premature death of living cells )of the skin and in the fat cells. The cosmetic surgery clinic has not returned her phone calls or emails and remains un-traceable.


Another case of plastic surgery gone wrong. A 21 year old BA student had plastic surgery on her fingers. She claimed that if she knew how grotesque the operation could have been, she would never of had it done. Having no money to re-perform the operation, she committed suicide by hanging herself.


A lady undertook to have a full face lift in an unmentioned clinic, which she found through an internet web site. The surgeon allegedly showed her many qualifications of his expertise and several before and after photographs of his previous patients.

Not realizing that all his photos and qualifications could be printed from any home computer with any name on them, she decided to have surgery. Her disfigurement has forced her to go into a recluse as the face lift left her virtually unrecognizable by even her own relatives. Her swollen face, lips, and forehead have resulted in depression and suicidal tendencies. The surgeon has since vanished.

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