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Risks of DIY Botox and DIY Restylane

Updated on December 31, 2014
Are DIY fillers and injectables worth the risks?
Are DIY fillers and injectables worth the risks?

Sure, it might save you a ton of money at first, but what are the effects of DIY Restylane fillers or Botox injections? Botox cost and Restylane cost can add up, since some fillers for face only last a few months. Many of these women participate in an alarming trend for cosmetic surgery parties where the person injecting isn't even licensed. They receive lip injections, Upon observing their own surgeons in action, women buy syringes, needles and numbing agents outside the USA and watch online lessons and procedures for performing at-home injections. Are the hundreds of dollars you save worth the risk?

Try a paraben-free anti-wrinkle cream instead of shelling out big bucks and risking your face!


The Dangers Of DIY Injections

Sometimes the lip enhancement cost or nasolabial fold injection cost causes people to do crazy and stupid things. The consequences of trying to save a few hundred dollars ends up costing several thousand dollars, or worse. Some women have become permanently disfigured as a result of vanity. Some mistakes are even impossible to fix.

  • Hang Mioku was a singer and Korean model whose first plastic surgery was when she was 28 years old. She became addicted to silicon injections for 20 years but soon learned she could get some from her doctor to do at home. One day, upon running out of silicon she used cooking oil, injecting more than 250 grams into her face. Her face became so distorted that children in her neighborhood called her 'standing fan' because of her swollen, big face and small body. Luckily, when her story was aired on Korean television, some sypathized with her and sent her donations to have her face reconstructed. Three surgeries later, the size of her face is reduced, but she is still permanently scarred and disfigured.
  • Botox is a neurotoxin that works temporarily by paralyzing the muscles that cause wrinkling. It is used as a filler for face as well as to block sweat glands and chronic pain. William Atkins from reports that according to an Italian study done on Botox, the toxin does not stay where it is injected; but instead moves into the nervous system within the brains of patients. People who are self-injecting can face the possibility of face filler gone wrong and have bumps and lumps that don't smooth out. The filler for face may even travel to the brain and nervous system, causing future health complications.
  • Restylane is hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in young skin. As women age, they have less of this substance in their skin, which holds water and makes it more supple. Restylane injections fill areas such as nasolabial folds or "smile lines," and also fill undereye troughs or hollows that give that tired look. Just as with any injectable, there are several complications that can present themselves such as lumps and bumpiness or even facial paralysis from fillers.
  • Silicon injections are no longer popular because of all the complications; some can even be allergic to them.

When it comes to plastic surgery, saving money is not worth the possible consequences; go to a Board-Certified plastic surgeon who has several years of experience is key to an excellent result.


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