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Robocut - Used With Care, Can Deliver a High Quality Haircut Every Time

Updated on November 11, 2011
Standard Robocut Haircutting System
Standard Robocut Haircutting System

Up to a few years ago, I was spending about $200 a year on haircuts, and not getting consistently the haircut I wanted. A friend at work, to save money, bought a Flowbee Haircutting System, and due to not following the written instructions, he totally botched his haircut, and took to wearing a knit watch-cap for several weeks until the bald patches had grown out. He was embarrassed and ashamed, but like most people, he put the blame not where it belonged, but on the Flowbee itself.

I bought the Flowbee from him, for half what he had paid. It lasted me for 5 years, and I'll say I definitely got my moneys-worth, saving about $1,200. that I would have spent at Supercuts, for the expenditure of about $40. for the Flowbee. There was just one thing I didn't like - the design of the unit and the haircutting attachments restricted me to fixed cutting lengths, with no ability to adjust them upwards or downwards by as much as a quarter-inch.

Last year, I sold the Flowbee, (still in top operating condition) for what I'd originally paid for it, and ordered a new Robocut Haircutting System. Although both systems operate on the same general principle - a precision powered cutting blade in a housing that connects to a vacuum cleaner, so as to suction your hair to a uniform straight length for cutting, the Robocut's design allowed for very finite adjustment of cutting length so one could tailor the cut to exactly what he wanted.

The Robocut does as good or better a job than the Flowbee, and like the Flowbee, there is no mess with hair cuttings all over you and the floor around you. All the cuttings are sucked straight into the vacuum cleaner bag, and there is absolutely no mess anywhere, especially including the back of my neck and shirt collar, which used to drive me crazy. The Robocut cost me $50 shipped direct from Robocut's own website - incidentally, the most inexpensive price you can find ANYWHERE, including ebay, for a Brand-new Robocut system.

In addition, when purchased direct from Robocut, the company gives you a TWO-YEAR Warranty, and if anything goes wrong, they will immediately send out a replacement of whatever part of the system failed. The customer reviews indicate that they are very good at honoring that warranty, something I found reassuring in ordering and prepaying for a relatively unknown product.

It consists of the hand-held power-cutting unit, with attached hose that connects to the extension hose on a vacuum cleaner. I use a canister vacuum cleaner for this purpose, as it is easier, and the vacuum is stronger than on an upright. In addition, there is a power transformer, and several plastic cylinders that attach to the cutting side of the hand-held unit. These allow for different length of cut, and two of them are angled, so as to allow one to taper the cut, especially useful around the sides and back.

Finally, the thing that provides the ultimate adjustability, is the ring to which the attachments are attached. This ring, rotates around the end of the unit, and can be moved up and down, in increments of 1/16th of an inch, which lets me customize the cutting length, so I don't cut too much, or too little, instead, getting close to the exact haircut I want each and every time. I figure in the year I've used the Robocut, I've saved about $250 in hair salon expenses, for the total outlay of $50.00, a tremendous value by any standard.

I recommend the Robocut to anyone concerned about maintaining good grooming, while saving a ton of money that could go to other uses.


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