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Womens Rolex watches

Updated on October 17, 2014

Get Her a Rolex Today

Rolex distributes, manufactures and services high quality wrist watches for women and men along with its subsidiary. These are for sale under the Tudor and Rolex brand. The founders were Alfred Davis and Hand Wildors in London,England in the year 1905, the operations base later moved in 1919 to Geneva,Switzerland. In its list of one hundred most valuable globe brands in 2007, Bloomberg Business Week magazine ranked Rolex number seventy-one. biggest watch luxury brand in the world, Rolex produces about two thousand watches each day.

Higher Ranks

One of the most valuable name brands in the world, Rolex ranks in the top one hundred of Time Magazine. Since the company began, it has been manufacturing precision innovative timepieces. Rolex originally only made men's timepieces but these days there are many wristwatches for women.

Self Winding

In nineteen thirty-one, Rolex was the first company to feature the 'bubbleback,' a watch that was self-winding and offered this for retail sale. In nineteen twenty-eight the company produced the 1st self-winding watch powered by internal mechanisms that utilized arm-movement of the wearer. This made winding a watch not necessary but resulted in more consistency which resulted in time keeping that was more reliable.


This company produced the first wristwatch case that was waterproof until one hundred meters. It is also the first wrist watch which automatically changed the dial date in Datejust by Rolex. With its Oyster watch, this company was also the first waterproof watch producer.The innovations of the company also include being the 1st watchmaker to earn a wristwatch chronometer certification. Rolex was also the producer of the 1st wrist watch with an automatic date and day on the dial. It is also the 1st watch that showed 2 time zones at one time.

Lady Perpetual

The Lady Perpetual has a stainless-steel brushed domed bevel and bracelet. The face of the watch is accented with the traditional 3-prong name and emblem of Rolex and accented with sapphire crystals. It is self-winding and waterproof up to 100-meters. The bevel and bracelet of the Lady Datejust is made of polished steel and white gold and set with diamonds that are brilliant. Up to one hundred meters, it is waterproof and self-winding. Roman numerals are displayed on the watch face and the day of the month is numerically displayed. Available in 8 different designs, there are brilliantly set designs and diamonds for this watch.

GMT Master II

The feminine version of the Rolex GMT Master is the GMT Master II. This bracelet made of white gold is set with sapphires and diamonds and the bevel is rotatable and set with sapphires, diamonds and rubies. The face of the watch is black and displays the time and date.

Day Date II

The more feminine version of the Day Date watch of men is the Day Date II. This is a combination of brushed and polished white gold. The face of the watch displays the date, day of the week and time and is set with baguette dazzling diamonds. This self-winding watch is waterproof up to one hundred meters.


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    • Geopeter profile image

      Geopeter 5 years ago

      Thanks for posting this hub. I am planning to buy some watch for someone. I think I will decide after I see this one in the store. This is a nice review. Keep it up my friend.