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Roman Sandals | Modern Chic From Ancient Roots

Updated on July 26, 2010
From school-boy roman sandal...
From school-boy roman sandal...
To sophisticated lady roman sandal...
To sophisticated lady roman sandal...

Roman sandals aka 'Romies' are an interesting footwear fashion. In some regions of the world, they are practically synonymous with school girls and school boys who wear them during summer. The idea of adults wearing them seems almost as ludicrous as an adult wearing a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt and tutu to work. In other regions of the world, lofty models with dangerously low BMI waft down catwalks wearing roman sandals as if they were the ultimate in fashion.

That's the thing about models though, isn't it? When a model wears something, it is instantly alleged to look 10000 times better than it did on a scruffy schoolboy picking his nose, and the price is usually adjusted to match. Sometimes models can be misleading, making us think that we will look good in fashions that should have been buried under ash like the unfortunate city of Pompeii.

However, unlike, say, a sack made of cloth, which would probably look good on a model but would inevitably lead to most of us being fired from our jobs if we wore one to work, the roman sandal actually lends itself to a wide range of everyday footwear applications because of its simplicity and flexibility.

Can roman sandals be worn in stylish ways? Of course they can. Indeed, they teach us an important fashion lesson - it's not what you wear, its how you wear it. When combined with plaid skirts and maroon woolen jumpers, Roman Sandals look positively dowdy. When languidly worn with a flowing maxi dress, or perhaps with some explorer style cargo shorts as you wander the streets of Milan consuming your gelato in a cup, they look undeniably stylish.

Of course it helps that the roman sandal comes in a myriad of permutations. From the basic school sandal, right through to the calf-containing sandal that winds its way up the leg, the roman sandal is an exceptionally adaptable design. For the lady looking for a dainty sparkly summer shoe there is the glittery roman sandal as shown, and for the sports star, Nike has even taken its own stab at Roman sandal design.

If you're looking for a functional kind of footwear that allows your feet to breath and isn't a pair of crocs (seriously, what was the point of creating an advanced civilization if we were just going to slosh about the place in ugly plastic shoes), then roman sandals may be the footwear you've dreamed of.

The 'Gladiatorus Maximus' Roman Sandal.
The 'Gladiatorus Maximus' Roman Sandal.
The Nike Roman Sandal
The Nike Roman Sandal


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    • tracykarl99 profile image


      8 years ago from San Francisco

      A well-written hub. I like your approach to writing about fashion, and I happen to love the new way of the Roman sandal. And thanks for the useful tips on how to wear them!

    • billyaustindillon profile image


      8 years ago

      Very cool the maximus is something else!


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