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Rose Quartz Qualities You Never Knew

Updated on May 9, 2013

Properties of Rose Quartz

A lot of people know that Rose Quartz is a crystal that promotes love to family and even to the opposite sex. This crystal is also connected with the chakra of the heart or also known as the fourth, which is used in jewelry and architecture. It is believed that the Rose Quartz crystal has a lot of properties that are magical, such as spiritual, physical and emotional as well. Typically this can be found in jewelry stores and as well as Feng Shui stores, because of the properties that they have. They are usually mixed with other crystals that can be used as jewelry, while some are using the Rose Quartz for as a home or office furniture. No matter how you tend to use the Rose Quartz, it is ideal for you to know the properties that it has.

Emotional Healing

One of the properties that the Rose Quartz has is emotional healing. People who are wearing Rose Quartz as a part of their jewelry tend to enhance their emotional healing, such as their compassion, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness, peace and tolerance. The reason behind this is because the crystal has the ability to balance certain emotions, which lead to emotional healing traumas, harmony, grief, wounds, resentment, anger and even fear. The awareness of a person upon herself can cause certain release and healing, such as trauma in adolescents, insecurities, loss of love and neglect during childhood. Lastly, the Rose Quartz can also help people reconcile with friends and family members, which can ease sufferings and guilt emotionally.

Properties of Love

One of the most known properties of Rose Quartz is love, which is why a lot of people call this crystal as a crystal of love or heart. People who are wearing Rose Quartz usually become open to different types of unconditional loves, such as family, self, love that is platonic and as well as romantic. According to Feng Shui experts a lot of people who are wearing this crystal enhances the love feeling in every scenario. Actually the Rose Quartz crystal is being used when it comes to spells to ensure that love will come back to certain people.

Properties That Are Spiritual

The transition of a person in the afterlife can be eased using the Rose Quartz. A lot of people are using this crystal because they usually remind the dreams that they have, and know the endings of their dreams. There are also parents who are using Rose Quartz crystal to calm children who are upset or unruly. The reason behind this is because the Rose Quartz has the ability to bring security and warmth to the person. People who are ill, lonely and sad should definitely use Rose Quartz that can help them feel cared and loved.

These are some of the properties of Rose Quartz that you may experience once you use this crystal as jewelry or an accessory to yourself. If you want to experience the properties then using Rose Quartz for yourself is definitely ideal.


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    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 4 years ago from Planet Earth

      I did not know these beliefs about rose quartz - I know it's a beautiful stone, and I have heard that various healing or other properties are associated with stones, so this was interesting to read. Thanks for the information!!!