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Guide to buying diamonds

Updated on June 11, 2016

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Diamonds are very beautiful natural gemstones. Diamonds are the hardest components in the world. Diamonds are the symbol of love and commitment. They are naturally made in the mountains and it is thought that their creations would take from one to three billion years to be completed. It's also thought that diamonds are discovered around one thousand years ago. The fresh diamonds that come out of their natural sources are called "rough (raw)" diamonds. Rough (raw) diamonds are one hundred percent natural untill they go through manufactural processes. Raw diamonds can be sold for research purposes, collectibles and jewelery. Raw diamonds can be set on rings. Most of the diamonds are found in Africa. However, there are other few countries which have natural sources of diamonds such Russia, Australia and canada. There are many factors that would determine each diamond's price. Rough diamonds can be founded in different colours, irregular shapes and clarities.

Diamonds prices depend on few factors which are 4 C's. The 4 C's are the Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut and there is one more C which is Certificate. Each of these C's play a major role in determining each diamond's price.

Some people might think that diamonds clarities indicates how clear diamonds are, but this is not true as diamonds clarities indicate if diamonds have any kind of internal or external inclusion or blemish. Some inclusions can not be seen by the naked eye while others can be seen. Most diamonds sellers prefer to sell diamonds clarities range from FL to VS. FL or IF (flawless, no inclusion or blemish at all) which absolutely are the best clarity, VVS1, 2, 3 (very very slightly included). VVS3 is most included. VS1,2,3 (very slightly included) VS3 is the most included. SI 1,2,3 (slightly included) and I1 I2 I3 (included grade 1, 2, 3). Ofcourse, the more flawless the diamond is, the more valuable and expensive the diamond would be.

Diamonds carats are weighted as 1 carat = 0.007055 oz. It's estimated $13 billion dollars worth of rough diamonds taken out of the natural sources every year. Most of them just weight few carats but when cut into gemstones are enough to be amazing gemstones. Its saves huge amount of money if you buy 0.99 carat than buying 1 carat so its always recommended when you are buying diamonds online to always be less than one carat its always a savy way of buying diamonds online.

Diamonds can be cut in various shapes like hearts, round, marquise or Princess. Diamonds can be founded in many colours, such as white, pink, blue, green, brown or black. Yellow (canary) and white colours are very popular. Red and blue diamonds are extremely rare colours in the world. The red colour is the rarest in the world as there are less than 10 red diamonds in the world the cost of each red diamond starts from a million dollor upwards.

There are some information you should know if you are thinking of buying diamonds online. There are very trustworthy online stores for buying diamonds online as there are unreliable ones. It's very important to check the amount of feedbacks the store has received it. The more positive feedbacks the store has received the more it will be trustworthy buying diamonds from that store. Its always better to avoid stores that has zero or low feedbacks of selling diamonds. Its very recommended to ask the seller to send you GIA certificate before you purchase the diamond as the diamonds certificate indicates that its what you are buying and paying for is genuine.

diamond ring can hold one or cluster of diamonds. However, a solitaire is a ring that would hold only one diamond stone on it but it can be in any shape, clarity, colour or price. However, around 80% of diamonds are represented in white round brilliant. Round brilliant diamonds shape are the most sparklers and they are the least to be damaged among other diamonds shapes. There are diamond rings that can hold numerous diamond in one ring. There are different designs of diamond rings. Each design wouod be perfect for each woman style and desgin and personality. If you are thinking of buying an engagement ring for your fiancee its always better to match her style e.g There is cusion shape of a pieces of diamond that shapes of a stone surounded by circle of small diamond stones. For some ladies due to house work its always better to purchase a diamond ring that is particul rather than fancy


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