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Round-up of summer beauty treats

Updated on July 5, 2016

The "nude look" is out, the "barely there look is out, the "hippie look" is out. Nowadays, to look au currant, you have to give some consideration to your style. But in summer, heat, humidity, bright sun and outdoor living all conspire to suggest a lighter, easier hand with your appearance. You'll want to pare down the number of products you apply. The ones you do use need to have maximum impact! I was happy to be hosted to experience a few special items that will help you get noticed this season.

Molton Brown is an over 4 decade old British toiletries company whose line can be seen in the finest boutiques, hotels and stylish, upscale homes. Their appealing fragrances are meant to be unisex. Molton Brown's newest offerings follow the same flavor and scent trend as the latest mixology cocktails: blending sweet, floral notes with something vegetal or herbal. Like your favorite drinks, the combination provides for a great balance. The new results are gender-bending, unpredictable, fresh.

Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise also has magnolia and ylang ylang notes. The exotic Oriental, more common in culinary applications elements prevent the florals from being too sweet or too retro. The Eau de Toilette is sized perfectly for 3-1-1 carry-on/TSA approved bags. This a great scent to wear both day and night in summer.

Philip B. is a hair and body care line that's sold in the most exclusive department stores in the world, including luxury epicenters such as Dubai. I first learned about Philip's talent for using botanicals and other edible ingredients for cosmetic purposes in his book, Blended Beauty. His hair treatment skills are well-renowned in Hollywood. Maui Wowie Volumizing & Thickening Mist is the perfect easy styling product for summer! With the faintest tropical green floral fragrance, it sprays a micro-fine mist to give lush, touchable body to your hair without styling tools or additional products.

It contains sea salt, algae extract, orchid, Tahitian gardenia, aloe vera, kukui oil and coconut oil. The Philip B. line is particularly known for its high concentration of active, beneficial, highest quality ingredients.

A related, truly "sister company" is Lauren B., Philip B.'s niece in real life! This line is all about couture, on-trend nail color and botanical nail care. The bright, pigment rich polishes have an ergonomic brush that really will allow to take care of your manicure on your own -- saving time for summer fun! You'll be pleased with the chip-resistant results, too. With good color on your fingers and toes, you'll feel better about forgoing makeup when temperatures rise!

In this sun-drenched, casual season, think quality over quality: these products give extra oomph!


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