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Fashionable Rubber Wristbands

Updated on September 19, 2016
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These rubber wristbands are widespread not only in teens but also among children, adults and some oldies because of its light material made, very artistic and simple.You can wear rubber wristbands all the time without worrying about getting damaged by the elements. They are unaffected by water, sweat, heat, or other chemicals. They are not easily broken or scratched, almost weightless, and colors don’t easily fade.

What Rubber wristband made of

Although many bracelets are still produced with other synthetic rubber materials, the majority of today’s decorative wristbands are made specifically from silicone. Silicone is a bonded polymer substance with numerous elastomeric qualities that make it both flexible and water resistant. Originally created as an insulating material, silicone is also fairly heat resistant, but is usually susceptible to deterioration from UV exposure.

Here are more reasons why these are highly used :

1. Rubber wristbands can be produced in high volume at low cost.

While t-shirts are highly effective in promoting a cause, custom rubber wristbands are cheaper to produce. You can expect to save more using this as a means to raise funds and even earn more from it. By ordering a high volume of these rubber wristbands, you can get each piece for cents and sell it for a dollar or two.

2. Rubber wristbands appeal to both young and old.

Rubber wristbands fit both young and old. It never goes out of style and can be worn by either teenagers or adults. Even kids find it cool to use as accessories. But for those who understand what wearing it means, rubber wristbands are even used at certain social formal functions. There are colors that definitely match a certain attire or even events provide it to their attendees.

3. Rubber wristbands are available in different colors.

Colors already provide a statement. One clear example is the color pink which people immediately note as feminine. A certain shade in pink provides more detail message as it is used on a certain awareness program – breast cancer awareness.

There is often universality in the color meanings as certain colors are often acknowledged to represent specific causes. Custom rubber wristbands, in this sense, provide what can be referred to as a color-message in bands that do not have messages or symbols printed on them.

4. Rubber wristbands are easy to wear.

One of the reasons why rubber wristbands never go out of style is the ease of wearing it. You can easily put it on like bangles and not worry about locks breaking or chains detaching. You can even easily store it either in your pocket or bag.

Since it is made of rubber, you don’t have to worry about the bands getting damaged easily. It is long lasting and can be worn every day.

Customized Rubber Wristbands

Customized rubber wristbands are a perfect and inexpensive way to promote your brand, name, product, team or idea.

Customized rubber wristbands are being worn by athletes, politicians and even celebrities. They can be easily imprinted and transformed into awareness bracelets for various causes that are sweeping the nation, similar to the Lance Armstrong Live Strong awareness bracelet.

Not only are the customized rubber wristbands used as awareness bracelets, they are perfect for fundraising promotions. Schools, clubs and organizations can sell the bracelets as fundraisers to spread awareness and raise school spirit. Churches can use them as fundraisers to earn money for various missions and charities.

Customized rubber wristbands are a popular corporate promotional giveaway and can be handed out at trade shows or included in press kits.

Much of the rubber wristband’s popularity stems from its capacity to display messages. Wristband text can either be customized to fit an individual user’s demand or selected from an array of common predetermined phrases. These messages are available in a variety of styles, including:

• Debossed: This is the most frequently purchased lettering format. Debossed words are recessed into the silicone via an imprint mold.

• Embossed: This style uses raised letters that protrude about 2 millimeters from the band’s surface. It employs a molding process similar to that of debossing.

• Colored Debossed: Wristbands with debossed text can have colored recessions, making the lettering more visible.

• Screen Printed: Silk-screen printed bracelets have text applied directly to the silicone’s surface. The color of the text is different from that of the band and can be printed on both the inside and outside of the bracelet.

Further customization options include color selection and pattern design. Although the dyeing process is applied to pre-molded silicone stock, most manufacturers provide a wide range of different color choices. These include single-color bands, multi-colored segmented bands, and marbleized or “swirled” bands that combine several colors in an intertwined pattern.

Rubber wristbands representations

Rubber silicone bracelets are even more popular today as many other charities, organizations, schools and accessories producers create them in a wide array of colors and with all kinds of messages, some just for fun. Below are some of the more popular representations:

  • Red: Usually for HIV AIDS, Diabetes and Heart Disease awareness and prevention.
  • Orange: Signify support for Multiple Sclerosis, American Cancer Society, Asperger's Syndrome and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).
  • Yellow: Lance Armstrong's support for general Cancer research and support for our troops.
  • Green: Ecology support, Leukemia, Muscular Dystropy and Kidney Disease awareness in addition to Darfur awareness.
  • Blue: Autism, Crohn's disease, Fighting Childhood Bullying in the UK, Violence and Child Abuse prevention and Cystic Fibrosis.
  • Purple: Alheimer's, Lupus and Domestic Violence awareness.
  • White: Anti-poverty and to support Christian themes.
  • Black: Melanoma research and Anti-Racism messages in UK (Black and White together).
  • Pink: Breast Cancer research.
  • Other: Red, White and Blue for American Pride, Rainbow for Gay Pride, Camouflage for troop support and multicolored for major NBA and MLB teams.

What type of rubber wristband you wish to have?

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Did You Know?

Rubber Wristbands Could Give Clues To Chemical Exposure

Those silicone rubber wristbands are not only a way to broadcast support for a cause or organization -- a new study suggests they could also provide information on the environmental chemicals to which you're exposed on a daily basis.

Because silicone is able to absorb a number of different compounds, Oregon State University researchers thought silicone wristbands could be a potential way to monitor exposure to compounds by providing passive sampling of said compounds.

To test this theory, the researchers had study participants wear modified silicone wristbands in different settings for different periods of time (for instance, they had roofers wear the wristbands to monitor occupational exposure).

Forty-nine different substances were found to be absorbed by the wristbands in the study, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, which have been shown in animal studies to cause tumors and birth defects (though such effects have not been shown in humans).

"Silicone personal samplers present an innovative sampling technology platform producing relevant, quantifiable data," the researchers wrote in the Environmental Science & Technology study. Ultimately, the researchers said they hope this method could be a way to provide more information on safety of exposure to different environmental chemicals.

Rubber wristbands imply that they are more than just an accessory. They are about attitude, a reminder about one of the numerous worthy causes that drive the human civilization forward. They are about the human need to show solidarity to those fighting against mighty odds.


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      Find great deals on rubber bracelets at First Class Wristbands. You can easily order and customize your bracelets to suit your needs. So for your next party, choose silicone wristbands as the gate pass to avoid the entry of trespassers.


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