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Rudraksha Beads - Rosary from Himalayas

Updated on September 18, 2016

Rosary Photo

Rosary Bead Photo
Rosary Bead Photo | Source

Rudrasha Wonder Bead

The seed is cherished as rosary by the Hindus and Buddhists in India and abroad. The bead has many facets and it is valued depending upon the number of sides it has. The one faced Rudraksha is very rare and hence most valued. The number of divisions accord special significance for various purpose mostly for prayers, good omen and also as health remedy.

The Rudraksha tree grows in the foot hills of Himalayas, plains of Ganges as well as many other Asian countries including Hawaii and Australia. It is considered in India as sacred also in few Asian countries. The demand for these products are very high for meditation as well. Good quality specimens are found in Nepal and India.

I have seen my grandmother and father using these prayer beads. But off late these are not used in modern households in India

Prayer Bead Garland

Hindu Prayer Beads Rudraksha
Hindu Prayer Beads Rudraksha | Source

Religious Importance

Rudraksha is venerated as eyes of Lord Shiv and as personification. The seeds are used by the Hindus and are used as rosary for prayer. Usually hundred and eight beads are stringed using gold chain or red color string. Known as "Mala" in Hindi it is used for jaap or continues chanting of mantra. They are also used as rosary by worshipers pertaining to religion other than Hinduism.

The five faced bead is the common form but the divisions could be from one to many. Conjoined seeds are also rare and much venerated. The beads are also used to create jewelry items such as bracelets, pendants and bangles. All of these have various astrological properties.

The Rudraksha is also used for its curative and remedial properties. The complex science has lot of believers in India.


One Faced Rudraksha

One Faced Rudraksha from Nepal
One Faced Rudraksha from Nepal | Source

Rudraksha availability in India

The beads are collected from the Gangetic Plains at Himalayan Foothills. There are a large number of collectors and dealers in India. Most of the suppliers are located in North India especially in Haridwar in the state of Uttranachal. One can buy beads, garlands of Rudrakhsa and many related products from the dealers in Uttaranchal.

The online shopping sites also facilitate sales of the wonder seed. A person wishing to buy rudraksha bead online can easily do so at a trusted site. The websites sell many more products associated with astrology. They also sell remedial products online.

Before the purchase one needs to understand the product, its qualities and effects. Consulting a reputed astrologer will be of great help.


Cluster of bead
Cluster of bead | Source

Facts About Rudraksha

Even the tree is highly revered by the Hindus. The bead is a derivative of seed in the brown colored fruit and has many facets. The name arises from Shiva as the bead is considered to represent his third eye.

Many Hindu scriptures have mention the power and healing capacity of this bead. It has been assigned with religious significance and ideal for concentration while praying.

Most popular among the masses are rudraksha from one facet to twenty one. The properties are mentioned in Hindu scriptures as well as by the noted saints. The rosary is made out of beads using plus one numbers for example 52+1. The plus one number called Sumeru is skipped during the japa and acts as a returning point.

Durinh Japa the mala as the bead garland is called in Hindi rests on the ring and the middle finger. The rest of the fingers are considered inauspicious and are not brought into contact during the prayers and meditation.

The rosary sanctified with mantra is used only for prayers and not worn by the owner. Bead garlands for adorning on once neck and chest are different and may contain other precious elements.

Faceted Rudraksha

14 faced rudraksha
14 faced rudraksha | Source


These are precautions that have been suggested by eminent astrologers and Hindu saints and apply to wearing of the bead.

The Rudraksha products should not be worn during menstrual cycles by women, erotic entanglements and during the ablutions. They are not worn on auspicious circumstances and when visiting the cremation grounds.

The products should not be exchanged and should be kept in a clean environment.

© 2012 Uday Patel


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      Lyudmila 2 years ago

      I would love to see a general piece on beedad edging; adapting it to different projects, large or small scarves, shawls, collars, wristers, cowls, hats etc. I did a pattern for a charity hat with plastic pony beads [which I wouldn't have chosen for myself] but it came out really nice, so I would like to be able to do more with beads.

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