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Baldness Solution- Smp, in My Experience. Pub-4684700343977382

Updated on December 5, 2019
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A look at SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) The process: Is it painful? How much does it cost? Does it look convincing?

Background. pub-4684700343977382

After 2 years of researching SMP , my thoughts changed from "this seems dodgy" to "actually this looks convincing" and finally arriving at, "I think I'll check this out and go for a free consultation".

Most of the information I gathered on line featured guys proclaiming how this treatment had changed their lives and given them their confidence back, one young man stated "It's given me my life back".

Well, I felt that none of this really applied to me. I started noticeable losing my hair in my mid to late 30's, so just before my 40th birthday decided to take the electric clippers to it and shave the remaining hair and wispy bits off.

This gave me an amazing sense of taking back control of something I'd previously had no control over.

I was happy with my new look, and remained so for a further 14 years.

However, with curiosity building momentum, I was intrigued enough to book myself a free consultation with a local practitioner in my home town of Bristol. This particular company are an international player in the SMP world, who proclaimed to be the pioneers and inventors of the SMP technique ( a lot of companies seem to profess this accolade).

1st Consultation. pub-4684700343977382

I arrived early at the business premises. No reference to the company outside the building or inside on the list of companies on a board by the lift. Therefore, I had to ask the person on the reception desk. She then rang up and said someone would be down to collect me shortly. I thought it really odd that the "International Company" didn't have their name displayed at their premises.

After about 10 minutes, A young woman came down to collect me and took me up in the lift to the "Clinic" which was a small office with a desk, a certificate placed on a shelf and the specially designed chair used for treatment in the corner of the room.

The woman delivered her spill about the company, after which I was able to ask questions.

However, I felt that the young woman wasn't able to tell me anything that I didn't already know through my research on line.

The consultation came to an end after about 10 minuets and I left thinking that I almost definitely would not proceed with the treatment. I knew of another local practitioner in the Clfton area of Bristol, so I thought I would call them before I made a final decision.

Thankfully, this was a much more positive experience. The person I spoke to had himself had SMP treatment, his name was Alex, who works in partnership with another international player in the world of SMP.

Alex was able to answer all my questions, he was extremely knowledgable, empathetic, and seemed to totally get where I was coming from. I decided to make an appointment for a free consultation with him, before I made my final decision.

I was already beginning to feel a lot more positive about whole thing, just by speaking with Alex on the phone.

2nd Consultation- Decider. pub-4684700343977382

I met with Alex at his practice in Clifton. This felt totally different to my first consultation, he was very easy to talk to, putting me totally at ease. It was good to see the treatment that he'd had 6 years ago. He seemed very knowledgable and could confidently answer any of my questions. I didn't do the hard sell at all, but by the end of the consultation I was totally sold on the idea, I paid a deposit (£250) and we booked in my first session!!

I was advised that I would need 3 sessions for my degree of male pattern baldness (see pics below)

1st session 4 hours, 2nd session 5 hours, and 3rd session lasting 4 hours.

From my research it seems that 3 sessions are usual for general male pattern baldness ( hair loss from forehead to the crown)

I later discovered that the sessions seem to pass surprisingly quickly.


In terms of cost, generally all companies that I researched, the pricing structure is not transparent , and even any video clips you see on line of people that have undergone treatment , the exact cost is never mentioned. The reality is you should be prepared to pay £2000 - £2,500 in most cases. There are people that offer the treatment for a lot less, but personally I would avoid the temptation of "going cheap" because you will probably live to regret it, and people can end up paying even more to correct bad workmanship, or wear a hat for the rest of your life!!

My Treatment. pub-4684700343977382

Firstly a hairline was drawn on my forehead where my natural hairline once was, this is established by raising your eyebrows to reveal a line. It's drawn with a white marker pen, this can be adjusted until you are happy with the line. As I was 56, I wanted a bit of recession and a soft hairline which would be more age appropriate.

I had read online line that if the pain of having a body tattoo is 10, SMP is about 3.

My experience was that certain parts of my head were more painful/sensitive than others. Alex started replicating the hairline, which wasn't at all painful , but as treatment progressed it became more uncomfortable. However, treatment was stopped whenever I requested, in addition to comfort breaks and a lunch break.

Alex explained everything clearly stage by stage throughout the treatment, he consulted with me to make any subtle changes I wanted along the way.

After each session the head is quite red, but this begins to fade within a few hours, and in my experience, completely disappeared within 24 hours. You can't wash you head or shave it until day 4 , also avoid activities where you sweat excessively, gym activity for example.

Post Treatment. pub-4684700343977382

After 4 days you can go back to your usual routines. For maximum effect keep your head shaved. I bought an electric face shaver and run that over my head every morning when I shave my face. Thats just me, some people shave their head every 2 or 3 days. I also put factor 30 sun cream on (recommended) as sunlight can fade SMP in time. This particularly protects your head when you go on holiday to somewhere hot! In addition, if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, it is advisable to wear a hat.

Other than that, there isn't any additional maintenance needed.

I started my journey not being that bothered about having SMP, but now I'm really pleased I had it done, I don't regret it at all, and would highly recommend it.


Before Treatment begins
Before Treatment begins | Source
After 1st Treatment - redness lasts approx 24 hrs
After 1st Treatment - redness lasts approx 24 hrs | Source
After 2nd Treatment
After 2nd Treatment | Source
After 3rd Treatment (Final Treatment) fades slightly throughout the first few  weeks to blend in perfectly with existing hair.
After 3rd Treatment (Final Treatment) fades slightly throughout the first few weeks to blend in perfectly with existing hair. | Source
3 months after treatment
3 months after treatment | Source

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2019 Richard Tozer


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