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Soak Swollen Feet

Updated on August 1, 2015

Take Care of Feet


Walking is a normal activity for many people. However, many ignore the feet, unless they hurt. Feet are a lifeline in the body. Feet are a window into the health of the body. A soothing soak of the feet has a way of relaxing the whole body, making a person feel better almost instantly. The feet offer health signals, usually long before most people notice. Taking care of the feet is important, so give them a little more attention.

Swelling of the feet, and ankles may be caused by fluid retention. This can give the feet a feeling of puffy stiffness, making it difficult to walk. Swelling may be caused by a sprain or overused foot movement. Whatever the cause, most are searching for relief and a good foot soak helps.

Soothe Swollen Feet

Foot baths found in the drugstore do wonders. Water is circulated around the feet easing every fiber in your body. Feet are not given much thought until they begin to hurt. It is then people seem to realize the significance of their feet. When feet are swollen and achy, a person can do little. However, a good foot soak helps. Going out for a Saturday night dinner suddenly becomes less possible and running, riding or hiking is certainly out of the question. These are only a few reasons people should take care of their feet. A soothing footbath can relieve many problems in other parts of the body. Many elements in the feet connect; therefore giving attention to the feet is essential to the health of the whole body.

Epsom Salts Soaks

There are few things in the world as versatile as Epsom salts. A great body relaxer used to soak away aches and pains. Epsom salts is wonderful for soaking the whole body. This grainy salt that melts so easily in water is splendid for soaking scrapes, cuts and any other open wound on the body. It soaks the soreness from muscles and aids the skin.

Use a small soaking container filled with warm water. Sprinkle the Epsom salts in the water. Put your feet, elbows or whatever part of you that needs attention in the solution. Take a hot bath in the solution. Sore muscles run away from Epsom salts and it makes a wonderful hot bath. Epsom salts is also a laxative. It is not very tasty but works. A teaspoon in a cup of hot water will do the trick but be warned again, it taste terrible, and a few sips is enough to do the trick.

Use Ankle Brace

Trying to move around on a bad joint is very uncomfortable particularly when it is the ankle. Walking can be difficult when there is a problem with this joint, but there are a few supports to help make getting around a little easier. Invest in an ankle bracelet. Buy them at your local drug counter wrap them around the ankle and wear it until the ankle area is stronger.

Swollen Feet

Many people have a problem with swollen feet. This is not a thing to be ignored. Sometimes swollen feet are a sign that the body is having problems in other areas. There is a reason the body seems to relax when the feet are soaked. There are points in the feet that have a direct bearing on the whole body. So treat your swollen feet well.

Take time to wash the feet in soothing water, and while you are at it be sure to wash the inside of the body with soothing water. There is little point in trying to make your body feel better from the outside if you are busy destroying it from the inside. Epsom salts is a tried remedy for soaking the whole body. The product is very inexpensive and a must for a nice foot soak. Epsom salt is also used for a laxative but taste awful, but as a last resort this product taken with hot water is almost guaranteed to work; as a laxative I mean.

When having a problem with swollen feet remove salt and caffeine from your everyday diet. This is not to say you should not have any, just that your system is more than likely saturated with the substance and your body is trying to warn you. Swollen feet can be helpful if you look at it positively, your body is saying slowdown a little and kick your feet up; which is great for swollen feet. Eat a few healthy things and get some rest. Listening to your body, 24 hours is not going to end the world, God willing it will still be here.


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