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Salon Towels

Updated on April 12, 2010

If you own a hair or beauty salon, one of your most important purchases is going to be salon towels. Towels used in salons must stand up to heavy daily use and constant washing so regular towels designed for use in the home will generally not be sufficient. Dirty stained towels are unattractive and can put off customers so it’s also important that the ones you choose are resistant to staining and wash well.

When choosing your towels try to find ones that are produced specifically for commercial use that are designed to take the punishment given out to them on a daily basis. Hair salon towels in particular should be resistant to bleach and dye that can damage and stain them. Look for a long life guarantee – you’ll pay more for longer lasting towels but it’s worth the price when you consider that you might have to replace regular towels two or three times in the same timescale.

photo by 1happysnapper on flickr
photo by 1happysnapper on flickr

Choosing your towels

The towels you use should reflect the feeling that you want your business to portray. Thick luxurious soft towels are particularly important in a spa or beauty salon doing full body treatments. Towels are available in a range of colors and you might want to consider using colors that match your company logo or the decoration of your salon. Snow white beauty salon towels look great and work well in a spa environment but they stain easily and are difficult to keep as their original pristine shade. They’re not so practical for use in a hair salon or for any treatment where they may become stained by dye or tanning liquids. Dark colors, particularly black are a good choice for hair use as they disguise small stains and don’t start to look dirty as quickly as white or other paler colors.

Wholesale salon towels

You’ll need a lot of towels for your business as each customer will probably use several and they must be washed after every use. You’ll probably want to consider buying wholesale from a specialist salon supplier to cut down on the cost when you’re setting up your business. You can replace towels in small batches as they become stained or damaged but eventually you’ll probably need to replace the whole lot. This can be expensive so find a supplier you’re happy with and that will offer discounts for repeat business.

Every day you’ll end up with a pile of dirty used towels and unless your salon is very small, you’ll probably want to use a salon towel service to cope with the laundry. Make sure that the company you choose offers a pick up and drop off service and check what their policy is regarding damages. It could be quite a costly exercise to replace a batch of white towels dyed pink in the wash by mistake, for example. Caring for your salon towels is important to keep them pristine and make sure they last for their full potential lifespan so don’t just automatically choose the cheapest service you can find.


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    • profile image

      stylzbeautysalon 5 years ago

      really towel should soft and flussy so that helps avoid rashes etc..

      thanks for this post i reallyliked it..

    • profile image

      Albert Jones 7 years ago

      Hi deletia, Yes. You are correct. In the salons for heavy usage, we need specify type of towels. When I come to this online purchase I got this site for wholesale salon towels order. Try from :