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Senegalese twist hairstyles

Updated on June 13, 2015
sanegalese twist
sanegalese twist
sanegalese wist
sanegalese wist

Senegalese twist also known as rope twist

What are Senegalese twist?

Here in the Caribbean we call these braids rope twist, others call them Senegalese twist. These are two stand twist, they can be done using extensions or your own hair. This technique is very easy to do. What makes the twist look so smooth and different from normal twist is the twisting motion of each strand before it is lapped over the other strand, kinda like how a rope looks, hence the fact some people call Senegalese twist, rope twist. This style can be worn for parties, weddings almost any occasion, because its that beautiful and versatile, can pin it up or you can wear it down, you can spiral it you can do almost any style with Senegalese twist. I, Mathslover, love to be to be different so here are several styles done by yours truly. Do enjoy thank you for viewing.

Senegalese twist

sanegalese twist
sanegalese twist

Senagalese Twist 2

rope twist

rope twist
rope twist
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    • mathslover profile image

      mathslover 4 years ago from Barbados

      Thank you DQTUK

    • DQTUK profile image

      DQTUK 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      very creative..nice