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Sano Mephisto shoes for toning and improving the health | Review

Updated on November 19, 2011
Sano by Mephisto give support to the feet, and replicate the benefits of barefoot walking
Sano by Mephisto give support to the feet, and replicate the benefits of barefoot walking | Source

Sano Mephisto Shoes

The latest Sano Mephisto toning shoes styles for men and women offer an extra dimension for Mephisto shoe lovers with a boost to muscle toning and the health of the body as a whole.

The high quality French footwear brand is best known for its walking shoes, which help it to sell over 100 million pairs of shoes each year. They offer haute couture for lovers of walking, with the finest quality leathers and a superior construction.

The latest SANO Mephisto footwear range covers the full spectrum of styles, from summer sandals to leather waterproof shoes. Their walking shoes are still handmade, with care and attention to detail going into each pair they create in their European factory.

The Mephisto shoe range uses natural materials with age old techniques; however in the Sano toning shoe range they incorporate the latest technological advances to boost health and toning, naturally retaining the Sano style and quality craftsmanship throughout.

How do SANO Mephisto Shoes work?

Sano Mephisto shoes feature an innovative rocker sole which generates a smooth rolling motion from heel to toe. To take the shock out of the heel strike, Mephisto have developed the Power Stimulator.

Located in the heel, it absorbs the force of impact and stops the shockwaves from even the heaviest heel strike. The heel is designed to return the energy absorbed to slowly propel the foot forward to the toes and the push off. The strain on the muscles and joints are eased, and a faster walking speed is promoted to increase the cardiovascular value of walking.

The change to walking style improves blood circulation and helps to reinvigorate tired feet making you feel better throughout your whole body.

Sano Mephisto Shoes: Reported Benefits

  • Stimulate underused muscles
  • Tone the legs, buttocks and abdomen
  • Burn off excess calories
  • Improve body posture
  • Relax the muscles and relieve tension
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help to speed up walking and improves cardiovascular health
  • Handmade construction designed to go the distance

Sano Technologies

Linked to the heel section is the Multi Vibration System which adds micro instabilities to each step to increase muscle activation throughout the legs and lower body. It helps to bring the muscles of the abdomen and lower back into play when walking and to promote muscle relaxation. The change in posture eases the pressure on the spine and tension in the lower back. The shoes are a great way to boost calorie burning without increasing the time you spend exercising and can help you get great tone to your lower body. 

Sano Mephisto for men

Sano Mephisto is one of the few toning shoes suppliers who offer an extensive selection of styles, materials and colours in the men’s range. The shoes take their inspiration from Mephisto men’s walking shoes and features high quality leather uppers with strong stitching and a comfort fit with cushioned insoles. The range includes rugged brown leather sandals, waterproof shoes, oxford shoes, shoes for work and a great range which can be worn both casually and formally.

Mens toning and health shoes from Sano Mephisto

Sano Mephisto for women

The Sano Mephisto women’s collection offers a similar durable construction designed to ensure the maximum lifespan and to stay looking good after clocking up a good many miles. Designed for comfort they offer a custom fit for the female foot, with excellent cushioning and support. This year’s styles include Mary Jane shoes, sneakers, waterproof leather walking shoes and a great choice of sleek styles with a heel height of approximately 1.5 inches throughout the range.

Sano Mephisto for women
Sano Mephisto for women

The verdict

The shoes offer great shock absorption and activate the muscles. You can expect to get up to 30% more toning with this type of rocker sole if the manufacturers research is to be believed, although no statistics are provided by Mephisto for this range.

The shoes look fantastic, the handmade quality can be seen, and if you prefer the finer things in life and like to buy quality footwear which will last for years and still look great, then Mephisto is for you. I give the shoes 10/10 for quality of construction and style. These shoes are built to last so should offer excellent value for money, however you will need to spend a bit to but them as quality doesn't come cheap. Sano Mephisto shoes will cost you around $280 a pair.

Where to Buy Sano by Mephisto

Having scoured the internet for the best place to by Sano Mephisto, I think one of the best options is FootwearEtc. You get great service, and they have an excellent range of Sano Mephisto shoes to choose from. They get my vote any day of the week.


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