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Save your haircolor, beautifully: A review of KeratinComplex Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner

Updated on March 26, 2017

It used to be thought of as inevitable: if you colored your hair, you got a few days of brilliant tint, before shampooing and the sun floated away the color molecules like inner tub rafts down a rushing river. If you get your hair done professionally, you've no doubt invested a great deal of money. Reds, brunettes and specific blondes calibrated to flatter your complexion don't look the same after a brief period of time, most especially after washing your hair . . . that is, until now. KeratinComplex is a luxurious hair care line that began as an alternative to harsh salon straightening treatments. I was happy to be given the opportunity to experience it!

Not all color-treated hair is the same and the line recognizes that. They have products that specifically correct brassiness, etc. Timeless Color is a line that not only prevents color loss, but also strengthens hair with keratin to improve its appearance immediately.

Fade-Defy Shampoo
This rich lotion consistency, pearlized shampoo has a clean laundry scent that will appeal to any age, any gender. This product may be as important for what it leaves out: harsh sulfites and abrasive sodium chloride (watch those beach sprays!).

When it comes to nature vs. nurture, both can be hard on hair! Sun and wind can be your enemies. As to what you do in the realm of styling -- blowdrying, flat ironing, curling, hot rolling -- those are equally bad for your color. For protection against these various evils, this product uses a unique PolyQ blend and UV light absorbers.

To add to your hair's beauty (not merely act as a shield), Vitamin B5 and silk amino acids help repair strands and add to their shine.

Fade-Defy Conditioner

This lightweight lotion conditioner incorporates the healing ingredients of the shampoo, as well as wheat and oat proteins. The grains help add shine. I noticed a luxurious rich floral-nutty scent.This is a product that does not rely on heavy oils or waxes, which tend to weigh hair down, requiring ever-more products to give it body, structure and style. Instead, you'll find that though your hair will be soft to the touch and easy to comb through when wet, it won't be artificially so. You'll still have natural fullness and liveliness.

You may find, after using KeratinComplex, that you're gorgeous enough to be a hair model! They have an application for just that on their website.

5 stars for KeratinComplex


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