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Save your selfies and self esteem: cover your roots with Style Edit blonde perfection

Updated on March 30, 2016

The Need: You've color-treated your hair some shade of blonde -- light, medium or dark -- and faster than you would've liked, your roots are showing. Those dark hair bits (possibly with some gray) aren't cute. This isn't the planned, artistically ombre look. It's not that rocker chick hairdo that Heather Locklear sported in the 80's, either. It's sad and unkempt.

But the problem has always been that root disguising products were for dark haired people -- or redheads -- whose light gray or white hair was peeking through. It used to be that the only way one could "lift" dark hair to match blonde was to chemically lift out the melanin. But, there are many times that just can't be done:

  • If it's been too short a time between coloring, no beautician or amateur can keep fresh color application to just the virgin roots. Thus, previously colored hair is hit again with chemicals and there's likely to be severe breakage.
  • If you have a sunburn or other skin rash, you can't color your hair right then.
  • You may not be feeling well enough for coloring.
  • You don't have the time or cash right then.
  • You've been in the sun and your blonde hair is showing a greater contrast more quickly than you planned.
  • You can't get an appointment at the salon when you need it.

The Solution: Fortunately, there's Style Edit blonde perfection to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it. This product is a pressed powder with a definite sheen to it, like hair has. It comes in light, medium and dark blonde; I suggest that you pick the next shade darker than your particular blonde, as salon-painted roots tend to be a touch darker than the ends. The powder has subtle multi-chromatic pigments for self-adjusting color.

The whole product is so convenient, you don't need anything else! It's about the size of a large spool of thread. The top end flips open to the powder and a mirror. The bottom end opens to a foam applicator. You just tap it onto the roots, using your little mirror! Because it's not a loose powder, you have complete control. The dark parts completely disappear. Here's another great aspect: the powder adds extra body and heft to your hair, the same as if you colored the roots and blew up the cortex with traditional chemicals. After all, when processed hair grows out, your style falls flat, because the untreated part is natural and a bit silkier.

You can keep this product anywhere: in a small purse, on a hospital night stand, in a travel case, in your desk at work.

Style Edit blonde perfection is available at certain salons on the East Coast or online HERE.


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