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Saving Money While Clothing Your Children

Updated on May 13, 2009

Buying clothes for our babies and children can be a fun endeavor. There are lots of options and a wide range of choices. You can also shop in a wide range of places. However, it can also be an experience that breaks that bank. Parenting and Baby magazines show the latest clothing options for younguns that have prices that go through the roof (one such outfit cost $80 and was ment for toddlers). With money as tight for most of us as it is these days it is time to start finding ways to clothe our kids without breaking the bank.

Things To Keep In Mind

There is a lot to be said about providing for our kids. It is true that we want them to look nice and to have the best. But at the same time there is a lot of things to keep in mind.

  • They will grow out of it. You may feel fine about spending a lot of money on an outfit for yourself. However, if you are one who doesn't have the tendency to put on weight then chances are you will have lots of life out of that outfit. You child (especially your baby or toddler) will grow out of it very quickly.
  • They will get it dirty. Kids love all sorts of play. They also have no idea of how much clothing can cost, or what their play can do to it. Not only are they going to play hard whether you spent a dollar or fifty dollars on an outfit, they will also eat, have accidents, and make all sorts of other messes.
  • They will not care. Sure, you are disappointed when you get spaghetti on your nice blouse or get a smudge mark on something where it might stain forever, but that doesn't mean your kids will. In fact, they will probably make the mess and keep on going. Or change and start all over.

So, How Do You Save Money?

Saving money on children's clothing can be fairly easy. It does require a few unique shopping choices, but these in themselves can be a lot of fun. The first thing is to remember that your child won't be wearing it forever. Buy a lot of play clothes and a few special outfits. That way you can save the prettiest and nicest things for the times you want them to look very special.

Find Clothing In a Wide Range of Places

Shopping for clothing can be fun. You can still have fun while saving money on your children's clothing. Here are a lot of different places and times that you can buy children's clothing while saving money.

  • Sales- Whether you are a Walmart shopper or a you are one who likes to hit the big names, you can save money with sales. Go to your favorite stores and check out the sales racks (yep this can work with buying you new clothes too). At the end of the season is often a great time to get fantastic deals. Hit up the sales and remember that buying more then one in different sizes can make a huge difference in stocking up for your kids.
  • Walmart, Target, and Even Family Dollar- You can find great deals at stores the sell thing inexpensively. This includes places like Walmart, Target, and even places like Family Dollar. Your kids don't need brand names (remember the things your kids will do with and in their clothes). You can pick up plenty of clothing at inexpensive prices that can help you cloth your children.
  • Garage Sales- Yep...used clothing can make a huge difference in how much it costs to cloth your children. Garage sales are a great way to save money on all sorts of things, including children's clothes. Pick up items for $1, 50 cents, and even a quarter!
  • Second hand stores- There are a variety of stores that provide second hand clothes (most while helping others with the money you spend). While finding children's clothes at these locations, it is possible and can be very inexpensive.

Where and when you shop can make a huge deal in clothing your kids! Choose items carefully and remember play clothes and a few special things are the best way to go!

What Your Kid Really Needs

If your kid's closet/dresser/other clothing storage space looks like most of ours then it is time to think about that for a moment. It is a good idea to regularly clean out their space and get rid of anything that is too raggidy to be worn or just doesn't fit anymore. This also gives you a great opportunity to check what your kid really needs. More kids have a lot of clothes, but wear their favorites over and over again and leave a lot of stuff in the closet (we are probably all at least a little guilty of this). This means that you don't have to buy your kids a ton of clothes. They aren't going to wear a ton of them, so keep your shopping list short and just make sure they have what they need to be well clothed without going overboard.

Plus you can take those clothes that you are getting rid of an sell them in a garage sale, give them to others, and even give them to a second hand store in your area. Then they will benefit the community.

Don't Turn Down Hand Me Downs

Used clothing may seem like something that we want to avoid, but there are a lot of great things that get put into hand me downs and give away piles. If a friend or family member offers stuff from one of their kids for one of your kids, jump on it. After all, FREE is a great price tag! While it is easy to feel like they are saying you are poor or that they have a negative image of you, in these economic times they are probably just trying to spread the love. We could all use some help and clothing kids can be expensive. Plus your son or daughter's new favorite outfit very well could show up at your house in a black plastic bag!

Clothing your children doesn't have to cost an arm, a leg, and or your first born child. You can find lots of ways to save money and still have well clothed kids. Keep the special outfits down to a few. Buy used, second hand, and on sale. Also, make sure you keep an idea on what your kids really need and not get carried away with shopping. You can still have fun with it, but you can save a ton of money!


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  • blackoutmom profile image

    blackoutmom 7 years ago from Seattle, WA

    thank you for the tips, it's a nice hub to read...especially for me, a mom for a 2 year old boy who grow up in a blink...

  • Ivorwen profile image

    Ivorwen 8 years ago from Hither and Yonder

    I shop at Ross for all of my boys jeans. Most of their t-shirts come form Wal-mart, because I have had the Faded Glory brand last, unstained through multiple children. Hand-me-downs are always welcome. When something is too stained, but still quality, I dye it.

  • Lgali profile image

    Lgali 8 years ago

    thnaks for this nice tips good hub

  • profile image

    LAmatadora 8 years ago

    I go to Ross to get my kids clothes cheap..I get good brands and good quality. Target is ok but they can be just as expensive and I would rather buy good quality since it lasts longer. I don't do the cheap clothes at walmart because their clothes falls apart after a few times in the washer.

    I am a penny pincher and manage to do well with my shopping.

  • jim10 profile image

    jim10 8 years ago from ma

    Thanks for the tips. My wife and I have three boys and we do our best to save on clothes. My wife usually waits till she has a coupon for the Childrens Place then goes there when a lot of stuff is on sale. She saves a ton. We also use hand me downs for the kids. They sure grow fast and lots of times when they are really little things still only get worn a few times. My mother in-law used to go overboard buying expensive clothes when the boys were little. Some of the clothes never even got used. She is much better now. A lot of online stores have great slaes on closeouts. I get a lot from Lands End and LL Bean this way. The best part is if it doesn't fit I can return them to the local store.