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Scar Solutions in Silicone Strips and Gels

Updated on January 11, 2014

Thanks to the advancement in medical technology these days, we can now afford to get safe and effective treatment for existing acne conditions and past acne scars. Of course, there is always the natural and herbal route for people who claim to be technology-resistant, however relying on natural remedies to get rid of acne and its marks requires more patience and perseverance, due to the time it takes to prepare homemade solutions, and a much longer wait before seeing the outcome. If you live a fast paced lifestyle, want to see instantaneous results and have an ample amount of money to spend on treatment, natural products definitely won’t be on the top of your aesthetic arsenal.


Do Silicone Strips Help Improve Scar Appearance?

Silicone is a synthetic material that has a wide variety of functions: from producing kitchenware and utensils, to manufacturing shock-resistant electronic gadgets, to creating automobile lubricants, to making medical bandages and implants, silicone is a chemically-produced substance with a reputation for versatility. But did you know that it can also be used to get rid of acne concerns and blemishes from breakouts?

Perhaps facial care is a lesser known use for silicone, but it doesn’t mean it can’t do the job. Silicone can be used to treat acne by flattening out old scars, and can even help heal blemishes from burns, accidents and surgery. For this purpose, silicone comes in either a gel or sheet (strip) form.


Silicone Strips vs Gel: which is better?

Gels that contain silicone are best used to body parts where silicone sheets may be difficult to apply. Because of its liquid-like, coagulated form, silicone gels are very easy to use, but may not be as practical as their sheet counterpart due to it being liquefied. They may not be as effective as silicone strips, however they work just the same to deliver results (albeit it may take a considerably longer amount of time to take effect. All one really has to do is to squeeze some gel from the container onto a finger or to the affected area, and gently rub and coat the skin with it. One has to wait for it to dry before putting on anything else on the skin, especially if the gel has been applied to a part of the body that requires clothing. Gels work best with scars and blemishes that are lighter and of lesser severity.

Silicone strips or sheets, on the other hand, can be used for both light scars and deeper, heavier ones, such as scars acquired from surgery. These self-adhesive strips resemble Band Aids, and can simply be placed over the affected area. They can be worn the whole day, and can easily be replaced once they are worn out. Silicone strips or sheets are far more convenient than silicone gels, since it does not need to dry out and clothing can be immediately worn after its application; furthermore, since they come in sticky, padded forms, they cannot be easily washed out or wiped, ensuring that the wound or scar gets a much longer and much deeper exposure to silicone. They are however, more expensive than gels, and may not be worn outside if the wearer needs to place them over facial scars and abrasions.


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