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Scent For Men - A Guide

Updated on October 14, 2009

Scent Attracts Women To You

As a man, you are used to grabbing a quick shower in the morning, heading out for a days work (or play) and then a shower at night. Deodorant with a scent may be all that you every think about in terms of what you smell like. Even worse, you may not realize how bad you can smell. But, if you take a bit of time to really consider your scent, you may be able to attract women to you. Studies have shown that various scents can trigger emotions and excitement in people. This leaves you to wonder, if you were to pick the perfect scent to put on, could you actually attract more women to you? Perhaps your wife may be more interested in you rather than that book then. Or, you may just get more positive results from those that you work around. The fact is that scent is a powerful sense that you have to take advantage of.

What Scent Suits You?

There are hundreds of different colognes and aftershave products on the market. You may be tempted, like most, to head to the department store, pick up and smell a few and walk away. After all, isn't that the best way to pick something to wear? When you are considering a scent, you want to consider what it can do for you, but also what it can do for those that smell it on you. With that thought in mind, consider what will attract a woman to you. Or, consider what scents will get the reaction that you are after in the person you want to smell it. No matter if you just want to provide a positive vibe for your day or you want to make sure that she thinks about you all day, scents of different types can be used to trigger just that.

Let's look at some of the scents out there and see just what they can provide to you in terms of reactions from women.

Armani Mania

Here's another scent to try out. You know the name on this one, so at the counter of that department store, you may gravitate to it just because you recognize the name.

That is not always the right choice, though. For many women, this scent is one that she will want to have near to her all day. It is attractive and even alluring.

This is the scent that women picture fun, interesting men with. What's more, it is a great not to over the top kind of scent. It may be the perfect choice for those looking to attract a woman, or those that just want to flirt the day away. Consider it.

Dunhill Desire Blue

This is a great, fresh scent and one that will work well for many men. It provides a soft fruity smell to it but is fun and playful.

For some women, it reminds them of yesteryear, such as the feeling of being in high school. For other women, the fruity smell is just too much for them to take the guy next to them seriously.

This softer, lighter scent is not right for every man, but it can work well for the playful guy looking to inspire some fun and enjoyment as well as a bit of romance, down the road.

Kenneth Cole New York Men

If you want come off as a very manly man, perhaps a guy that enjoys sweating it up in the field, then this may be the scent for you.

It is a powerful smell but an attractive one nonetheless. Ultimately, it will impress those women that are looking for something attractive and needy. You will enjoy this scent too.

Women that are attracted to the touch guy are going to enjoy this scent, too. If that is who you are, then this scent can make it happen.

Lancome Miracle For Men

Now, what if you want to be seen as sensitive, caring and the kind of guy that can be talked to? Then you may want to try out this scent.

You will find that it is a very light smell and one that just tickles the nose (hopefully her noise) just right. It is young and youthful in a bottle.

It is the kind of smell that she will love enough to want to keep your shirt so she can smell you as she sleeps. It may not inspire romance as much as another, but it will inspire an attraction that is long term.

Rochas Aquaman

Now, if you are the kind of many that wants your lady to think highly of you, this may be the type of scent that you are after. Still, it offers something for everyone, not just the lady.

This fragrance is strong enough but not overpowering. It smells classic like money and power. It seems like something a powerful man would ware to a big meeting. It is the kind of scent that you want to find on the man that you plan to marry.

Women like it because it is powerful. In fact, those women that are attracted to powerful men will enjoy this scent the most. It could be a great choice for those looking to move up in their careers, too.

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man

For those looking for a fragrance that is going to inspire that one night stand, this may be the right one to go for.

The smell is curtsy, and enticing. It seems as if a bad boy were to be wearing it. If you want to attract a powerful woman looking to enjoy herself with you, this may be the best scent to wear.

For a scent that will make her want to spend the night, consider this one. You may even find yourself tempted to enjoy a late morning after a long evening on the beach at sunset.

And many, many more!

There are many other great scents out there. If you can, grab her and take her with you to that store and allow her to find the scent that she enjoys the most. Whatever you do, spend some time thinking about what the scent is really saying about you. Find that one scent that speaks for you, letting her and others know what you are really interested in. When you do so, you may be impressed with just what type of reaction you will get. A variety of scents can be used too. Interchange them for the tone or meaning that you want that day to bring to you. You may find that having a collection is the best way to get what you want, when you want it. There has never been a better time to think about the way that you smell.

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    • profile image

      kevin 7 years ago

      I dont want to smell like a 100,000 million other men

    • yamanote profile image

      yamanote 8 years ago from UK/Spain

      my favorite is an aftershave called Sand by a company called Baseworld.