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Professional Scissors Sharpening Service

Updated on May 5, 2010

Importance of Shear Sharpening Service

Professional hair shears are an irreplaceable tool for stylists. They are vulnerable to deterioration due to their routine use. However, no stylist will ever like to use a blunt hair shear while working with their client.

The most critical thing to get the longest life for your shears is to take care of them. Frequent servicing of your hair shears extends their life and keeps them safe to use.

Professional shear sharpening is one method which needs to be done regularly to keep your hair scissors sharp and durable.

You can get your scissors sharpened if you have a scissor sharpening center nearby. But if you don’t have such a center, then you can use mail-in sharpening service that is provided by many expert sharpeners.

Advantages of mail-in service

  • Saves money

  • You don't need to buy new scissors

  • Turnaround is fast

  • If the sharpener is experienced, he will provide the finest precision sharpening service

  • You don’t have to worry about the delivery of your shears, since they will be mailed back to you

Shear Sharpening Service Providers

A short time ago ScissorBoy introduced a mail in service so you can have your shears professionally sharpened. Their first mail in center is running in Canada. You can try their shear sharpening services by sending in your hair scissors for sharpening and servicing.

It is very easy to mail your barbering scissors to ScissorBoy for professional sharpening. Watch the video below to get more information and instructions on how to do this.

ScissorBoy offers reliable and super fast mail-in scissor sharpening service. This assistance also includes alignment, balancing and a razor sharp edge that meets the factory specifications.

If you are stylist, remember that it is crucial to effectively handle your hair scissors. If they are not maintained properly, they can make your life very difficult.

An excellent sharpener is able to restore your hair shears to practically as good as new and sometimes better than new. Therefore, always get your hair shears sharpened from the best to keep them durable and sharp.

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