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Spring into Summer Skin & body care

Updated on March 30, 2017

Seasonal Beauty care and Warm wheather essentials

When it comes to spring and summer, I prefer my products to be in Travel sizes so I can just stick them all in my day to day purse or a beach bag like purse to have with me at all times in case I need them for those last minute plans. Here's some that are or may not be if I couldn't find a travel size.

Don't forget your first aid kit (pref.multipurpose) with Neosporin spray/ anitbiotic gel as well as antibiotic band aids.

& Don't forget a travel pack of Clorox wipes (you never know when or where you will need them)

When it comes to body scents The easiest way to put it would be

Summer= Light airy scents

Cucumber, lavender, Citrus, Ocean Mist, Rain, Honey Suckle

instead of perfume use body Sprays as you can use it more than once & won't smell like you took a bath in it.

Seasons Changing

Skin Care

Throw out last years sun block. I've read and seen on the news that you need to purchase a new tube each year (if you still have any left over) This is another reason I prefer to use purse size items.

Purchase Sun block (Neutrogena is one of the brands) that protects against both with UVA & UVB rays. UVB rays are what cause the burn. (UVA I think is the one that causes the skin cancer)

a Mediterranean diet is rich in antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids which helps hydrate the skin. (don't forget to drink water)

take Luke warm baths or showers in 10 minutes or less as hot water strips the skin of oil.

Apply lotion 30 seconds after bathing BEFORE you open the bathroom door and let all that moist air out. (even better on those freshly shaved legs.. use some baby oil after you have shaved & showered. While your legs etc are still wet (do not towel off.) The baby oil will soak in & your legs etc will be so~o smooth.

I've also seen where some shave with baby oil.

Use a day cream with anti-oxidants in addition to your sunscreen, it can also help prevent UV damage.

Mix in a bit of bronzer into your sunscreen for a sexy tint.

Those Ultra sound gadgets do not keep Mosquitoes at bay, but sprays with Deet, Picaridin or Eucalyptus oil do. Dusk 'til dawn vampires & mosquitoes alike is peek biting time! If bitten (by Mosquito) apply Ice to the wound for 15-20 minutes once every hour for 6 hours to diminish itching & swelling.

NEOSPORIN SPRAY- do you have a 'mosquito bite' that won't stop itching.. its not what you think it is! Its actually a spider bite. This was the ONLY thing that gave me relief from scratching til I bled!

Rock Concerts tune in at 110 decibels - that's as loud as an airport runway. Eardrums can be damaged above 85 decibels, so we need the protection when catching our fave bands this summer (esp. those marathon ones like a friend of mine attended this month called the Download festival.) Here's some the earplugs which won't distort music.

carry around a pocket size anti bacterial gel or wipes after using public restrooms (esp. at concerts blah) door knobs airplanes (wipe down the tray etc) Spray the outside of your suitcase with a repellant containing PERMETHRIN to protect from bed bugs and launder clothes as soon as you get home.

HAIR Care Swimming in the pool or salt water, sitting in the Sun your hair getting parch or even in the A.C. they all damae your hair. Here's how to keep it beauiful Use Conditioner in the shower after shampooing and then after you rinse use a bit of leave in conditioner.

Avoid Helmert head buy only using 3 styling products as your hair should be free to move. Moose & Flexible hair spray or a light gel are perfect or BETTER yet forego the product altogether. Protect your hair with a sun proofing product. as the UV exposure breaks down the protein in your hair leading to split ends.

Put on a hair mask, (just be sure you have an old shirt on) Braid your hair & on an OLD pillow case go to bed. In the morn your hair will be silky soft.

Body Exfoliate your body twice a week. (I do it each time I shower so I get a closer shave and don't get in grown hairs. I DO NOT suggest this as oten as I do it if you have light fair or sensitive skin.)

Keep a pocket first aid kit band-aid, a disposable alcohol wipe, Neosporin spray & 1 or 2 different sized band-aids (esp. if you have kids) & one for the hotel or wherever you are staying. Include Asprin,Benadryl, antacids, various sized bandages, acetaminophen, antibiotic ointment, moleskin, tweezers, fiber supplement, hydrocortisone cream, cough drops & theraflu.

Lipservice For kissable lips EXFOLIATE!

You can check out LUSH (see my lens) for one of their sugar scrubs OR Mix a bit of Sugar with some olive oil or coconut oil and rub on. Before you finish brushing your teeth you can also use your SOFT to edium bristle tooth brush or one made for babies to scrub off any dead skin from your lips.

Lock in moisture Inside or outside anything that usually comes in a stick form usually contains wax & dimethicon. for inside use emollient creams & ointments

It's in the Bag

Supplying spring into Summer care

  1. Antiseptic band-aid bandages
  2. Lumene's Body activa (found at CVS stores) Body Smoother its Firming body Moisturizer and they should have the travel sizes out for a a 2-3 $ price, (much cheaper than the regular size packaging)
  3. Clean & Clear instant Dissolving Cleansing Sheets
  4. Clorox Disinfecting wipes (travel size includes 9 sheets) Great for wiping toys and other items down.(NOT for skin)
  5. Gold Bond (medicated) Powder..Great if you have poison ivy, it drys it out, also great if you get heat rashes.
  6. Balmex can also be used on heat rash just as much as it was used on your bum as a baby
  7. Gold Bond WIPES.-Prevents infection Relieves pain and itch uses are for Minor skin iritations, cuts, burns Sunburn, Scrapes, insect bites and rashes due to Poison ivy , oak or sumac
  8. Jergens Soft Shimmer, i love this stuff, get a sun kissed glow with out working up a sweat! This has little specs of shimmer in it, so you can look like you were jsut out in the back yard when someone comes knocking even though you were in the bathroom working with the fake tanner! (even if you use fake tanner, its good to use a loofa!)
  9. Lumene Cleansing Facial Touch Cleansing wipes. (10 pk)
  10. Lumene Dream Mist Hydrating water spray
  11. Lumene Moisture Dream revitalizing cream cleanser
  12. Packet Pack of Sanitary Seat covers
  13. Travel size Clear Gel Deoderant

    (Don't get white stuff all over your tank tops and other brightly colored tops, use the clear stuff.

    Does Regular deodorant not work for you? Try this Make your own ALL Natural Deodorant

  14. Q-tips treat and go first aid antibiotic- bacatracin ointment on a cotton swab
  15. Stridex Face wipes

    (this is astringent pads, so for those of you not use to the stuff be sure you have no 'nicks' or open wounds on your face)

  16. Revlon Shape and Buff all in one tool. (Coarse and Fine Emerys on the face, with buffers along the sides. Item number 2530-28 < that you can give to the store for reference
  17. Travel roll of toilet paper. (because you may never know when the stals are full, the one you get , you just may be stuck!
  18. Scunci hair accessories. 50 pieces in one little box for $1 little U.S. dollar! Keep a few in your purse and the beach bag
  19. First Aid Kit i found one at Target in the $1 section. Always good to have on you, try including some medical tape, an ace bangage and gauze. (Sissors and a needle and thread just in case!)
  20. Bottled Water many bottles in the cooler for the beach (see if you can try and get a brick or 2 of dry ice! It will keep it colder!) or just keep a bottle of your fave brand with you (in purse or car) so you can sip it whenever you need it! Esp. If you go running or walking! (even the dog!)
  21. Ponds or Noxema Cleansing pads and facial cleansing pads (they are usually in a box form)
  22. Mani/Pedi tool set ESP for Those of you that get your nails done at a salon... I'd advise purchasing a set of the instruments they use, at a store and bring them with you or leave them there. (hey if you can make up a 2nd set to make life easier... keep one @ the salon (if they have a box for each of the customers) and keep one at home or in your bag for touch ups.
  23. Travel size Sunblock for your purse or pack
  24. Sunblock of at least 30-70 spf. The lighter your skin the higher the spf! and regardless of the amount be sure to apply every half hour to hour depending how light to dark your skin is. If you go in the water even if it is water proof Put sunblock on before going into the water (that is when you Really get the burn) and when you get out.

Changing seasons


Hydrate Early & Often (especially if you are flying. . If you feel thirsty, you are ALREADY dehydrated! (Weather exercising or just going out) Drink 8 oz. of water every 15 minutes (that's when you are exercising outdoors) to a total of about 32oz per hour (Yeah & won't get anything done!)The dry cabin air can cause mucous membranes in your nose to dry up and a way for germs to thrive. Hydrating also reduces the risk of blood clots

Eat Watermelon a 1-inch slice is a great source of hydration - it contains 92% of water & as much prostate-protecting Lycopene as four medium tomatoes (that's obviously for the guys but did you know) LYCOPENE BOOSTS SKIN's NATURAL SPF ?? that doesn't mean to eat an entire watermelon & go out without block lotion on. Also Coco and Green tea but you STILL need to put on the sun block.Foods with the highest amoung of Lycopene Lucopene may also play a role in preventing or treatment of

Breast Cancer, Muscular degeneration (age related) , Prostate, Lung , Ovarian, Pancreatic, Skin, stomach & Cervical cancers, Exercise induced asthma, Cataracts, & Cardiovascular disease

If you are ever stuck on a deserted island, slather some coconut oil on you Organic Cocobutter oil sunblock

For more on anything beauty related

Check out the Beauty Balm

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