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Second Hand Lingerie

Updated on October 25, 2009

Ah second hand lingerie. It has such a bad name for itself, thanks to Japan and its weird vending machines of days gone by, but second hand lingerie can be a boon for the lingerie lover. It is cheap, it quite often has something of a 'vintage' charm, and it is cheap. Did I say 'cheap' twice? That's because it's usually very cheap. It's also good for the environment to re-use old garments rather than burying them in land fills.(It's also very good for the environment not to breed, so keep that in mind the next time the pope breaks into your house through the bathroom window and tries to steal your prophylactics away.)

What kinds of lingerie can you buy second hand? Well some people say that briefs, undies or knickers should never be bought second hand due to the omnipresent nature of what scientists describe as "goliath cooties," in other words, bacteria and whatnot. Sure you can wash undergarments of this nature, however washing does not necessarily kill all bacteria, nor can it rid a garment of unsightly stains and if you are the sort of person who uses hand sanitiser then most underpants should probably be avoided on a second hand basis.

Alternatively, you can live on the edge and they can be bought at your own risk. We're all so darn germ phobic these days, once upon a time people would eat food coated in mud for dinner and think nothing of it, so go ahead and buy second hand knickers if you so desire. It probably won't kill you outright. If you're on the border of considering such a move, remember that it is always possible to remove the existing lining in a pair of panties and replace it with a new one. This operation requires only a pair of scissors, and some needle and thread and can be done by anyone with a basic idea of how sewing might work.

Bras, corsets and girdles, on the other hand, are ripe for the picking and people put up far less of a stink about buying these sorts of items second hand. A second hand corset can literally save you hundreds of dollars and add an exciting edge of glam to your closet. Stockings can occasionally come up for sale as well, and if they are not laddered could be quite a bargain.

Keeping one's eyes peeled for second hand lingerie, whether online or in your local thrift or charity store is an excellent way to breathe new life into old lingerie and stretch your lingerie budget during an economic downturn.

Next week, how to generate second hand electricity. Make your electrons go further.


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    • profile image

      pantieswinsuitman 8 years ago

      I buy some of my panties, and lingerie, at yard sales, if I know the one's having the sale.

    • profile image

      MICHAEL OUGET 8 years ago


    • profile image

      alice 8 years ago

      i for years have bought a lot of my lingerie at different goodwills i feel so much better buying them there than at regular stores dont really know why but i have found lots of lingerie and oh i also found beautiful corsets the old fashion pure silk nylons very cheep good luck shopping im there every sat mourning hope i beat you to the goodies

    • profile image

      scantilyclad 8 years ago

      Shopping for panties at the local thrift store can yield some great bargains, i always make sure i check the items thoroughly first and have picked up many pairs that retail for $10-$20 for a buck or less and some with the tags still attached, nighties also for $1-$3

    • Aekateryna profile image

      Aekateryna 8 years ago

      No way, no how. It sounds so 'unhealthy'.

    • profile image

      rd 8 years ago

      eBay just might be the lingerie lover's best friend! I can't count the discounted items I've gotten there and love. And if it's not eBay, then perhaps laundry detergent?

    • foxxyz69 profile image

      foxxyz69 8 years ago from Niles Ohio

      I have also shopped @ Goodwill, and have purchased panties slips and other lingerie. I also have never had a problem.

    • profile image

      Cyndie_D 8 years ago

      Some brands of lingerie are only available through second hand outlets. Olga, Formfit night gowns are heavenly , but have not been produced for years. There is an active market in these wonderful gowns through eBay. A rare or unusual one in good condition may sell for several times it's original retail price.



    • kfsteve391 profile image

      kfsteve391 8 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      I just got two thongs at Goodwill Friday. I wore one Saturday and am wearing the other today. I have no problem wearing a thong that a lady has worn. They are both sexy and the price was great.