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Secrete Inner Beauty Every Woman Has it

Updated on September 11, 2013

100 Percent Grade A Woman

Brace Yourself! for the Video that will Follow

For so long woman have had to put on that acceptable face in order to fit into today's society, but does anyone actually know what a woman must go through to not look good, but great? well I haven't seen many woman willing to do what I'm about to do and that is I'm going to change right before your eyes, the question I ask is can you trust your own eyes?

Can You Trust Your Own Eyes?

Now You See Me!

As Tara Banks stated on one of her shows, I don't wake up looking beautiful, I really have to work for it. and the results after that work is BEAUTIFUL ME!

Tara Banks on Being Fat and Over Weight

Ms. Tara Banks Say's a Mouth Full!

Tara has no problem with her self esteem, because she comes from strength which was instilled in her by her mother. I just want to put this out there for every woman who may be having self esteem problems, whether they are big problems or small ,we are all beautiful and I want you to never forget that. It just takes a little bit of work to bring that beauty out, and you can change the way you look and feel about yourself.

Better Known as Black Beauty

I Don't Wake Up This Way!

I create myself in my own image each and every day, and I like so many other woman am blessed with inner beauty that's just dying to get out. So I say let it out, and show your real inner beauty, let it be seen from the inside beaming straight through to the outside.

Don't be Afraid to Speak Your Real Mind!

Let me know just what you feel about my article, but I want everyone to know this, we are creators and our children are who mimic us, and want to be just like us, so we all need to instill egos as high as the earths heavens into them, so that they don't ever have to endure low self esteem problems. There is always going to be someone out there who has something negative to say about someone else, but what does that say about them and their perception of beauty. Those individuals who have plenty of negative responses to say about someone who may not be as beautiful as they think they are, i would really like them to look at themselves from the inside, because that beauty that they see is only superficial and it doesn't come from the inside which make them pretty darn ugly.

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