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Secrets Of Younger Looking Men

Updated on February 22, 2011


Why do we want to look younger?  What is the reason behind the desire to look younger than our age?  I personally do not try to look younger, but people always tell me that I look lot younger than my chronological age.  It makes me happy and I try to reveal my age to every stranger and expect the surprise he or she expresses followed by a compliment.

I am a forty year old man and people think that I am in early or mid thirties.   I don’t consciously try to look younger.  I don’t want to look a lot younger than I am because for me youth also represents immaturity…… okay I may be wrong here but that’s my opinion and opinions are not scientific.  But whenever close friends ask me how I look younger, I try to look inside myself than my outer appearance to know why I look younger as I do nothing to my skin to look younger, I don’t even use face powder which so many Indians use because of their skin color.

The only physical factor which makes me look younger is my oily skin which keeps well moisturized.  I think moisturizer would help people with dry skin.  Other than this I think looking young is mostly internal.  It depends on how we feel inside.  After some deep introspection, I came up with some reasons which I give to my friends when they ask me about the secrets of my looking younger than my age.  These are purely for men.

1)     First and most important one is…. do not lose interest in women.  I am not suggesting attracting women or sex, just the natural attraction towards good looking attractive women.  Don’t suppress this natural instinct just because you are married and having children.  But I would like to warn you that this natural instinct should not become an obsession as obsession is not natural and may lead to failure in other spheres of your life like career and family.

2)     Keep appreciating the beauty of women.  This is different from the attraction I mentioned above.  This is like appreciating the beauty of nature.  The silky hair, that beautiful eyes and the twinkle in them.  This is not sexual attraction just attraction to the beauty.

3)     Similarly continue to appreciate the beauty of the nature.  Spend some time with the nature once everyday, if not possible once every week.

4)     Keep that childlike enthusiasm alive.  Most of my TV hours are spent watching National Geographic.  Nature, science and technology never stopped to enthuse.

5)     Keep watching cartoons with your children especially Tom and Jerry at least one hour per week.

6)     Wear lot of jeans and T-shirts.  Jeans makes me feel young, I don’t know why.

7)     Don’t let failure kill your hope.  Have new goals and try to achieve them.  Start again anew.

8)     Have oily skin or use moisturizer.

Secrets..... I was just kidding.


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