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Seeking Beauty In Your Day

Updated on September 28, 2009

Sought After Beauty As Principles Of Life

 Beauty is becoming a new perspective and interest for me.  I always loved selling Avon as a representative and beauty advisor, perhaps I should have continued with that, however I got bored with this kind of program as I would much rather be a writer and poet with a beautiful writing career along with my husband's writing career where writings have become of more interest to me.  However the need for beauty is present and I think that everyone of us desires more beauty in our lives. Maybe buying a new lipstick or piece of make up is necessary for someone like me. I love wearing make up and can look really good so that helps me feel good or better about who I am and what I may be doing for this life. As you get older, being beautiful, especially beautiful appearing and true inner beauty is more important to you. You work harder at that. Taking care of oneself is necessary and required. However the need for beauty can be satisfied in other ways,other than beautiful physical beauty.

That is probably the thesis of this article.  Beauty is everywhere and can be seen whenever one looks for beauty.  Something as simple as making an arts and craft display of sea shells

and greens is an article of beauty. Embroidery is another beautiful work of arts and crafts.

Certain poems and poetry can be beautifully written and contribute a great deal to the world of writing and art. Nature also can be beautiful such as taking a walk along the ocean shore line and seeing the sky and waves wisk back and forth upon the beach. All one needs to do is look wherever and you ought to be able to find beauty. Speaking forth a prayer is another aspect of beauty worth mentioning. Beautiful faces maybe loved ones for anyone who loves.

Certain standards can be different than what televison often shows.  All that beauty is, can be a state of mind or grace that we learn. Keep on looking and act beautiful!


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