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Top Low Cost Self-Tan's

Updated on July 24, 2013

Self-Tanning Lotions Reviewed

My daughter Jennifer uses self-tanning lotions at least once every month, because she needs to have the tanned look when she enters a dance competition, through trial and error we have finally found one that works well, does not streak and does not leave her with an orange glow, finding a natural looking tan at a reasonable price has been a long process but we have finally found the one that works best for her.

Before I list the top five that we have found I must stress that different self-tanning lotions work differently with different skin tones. Jennifer is very fair skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes and is prone to sunburn rather than getting a tan.

Avon self tan mouse

Self tanning can be a tricky process, and it can be difficult to put it on evenly without streaks or blotching, maybe you should enlist the help of a friend or family member for those hard to reach areas of your body and to ensure that you have an even coating.

5) Garnier Ambre Solaire Gloss Bronzer £5.99

Although this was a very convincing tan it left a lot of blotches all over, the color would have been perfect had it been even, the price was good but this one stays on the shelf.

Verdict 5/10

4) L'Oreal Self-Tan Spray £8.00

This was quite good with very little streaking, but needed two coats to look like a convincing tan.

The tan was a little orange but apart from that it did a good job and Jennifer felt confident enough to dance wearing it.

Verdict 7/10

3) Fake Bake self tanning lotion £25.99

Great natural looking tan, and no blotches or streaks, the only drawback

is the cost, there are others out there that do as good a job but are

easier on the pocket.

Verdict 8/10 the cost loses this 1 a point

2) Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Make Up £5.00

Great natural looking tan, no streaking, no blotching, and easy on the pocket, the only drawback though was that it needed two applications before the look was achieved.

Verdict 8/10 beats fake bake only because of the cost.

1) Avon Bronze Self Tanning Mouse £4.50

Very good tan , even, natural and most importantly very cheap , Avon self tanning mouse is easy to apply and one coat is enough, Jennifer looks like she has been laying on a sunny beach for a week when she is wearing it.

Verdict 9/10

Buy it now there is a buy one get on free offer on at the moment.

Self Tanning

Self Tans are also good for moisturising your skin and they give protection from the sun, of course they are much safer to use than a sunbed which has the extra risk of skin cancer.

Everyone has their own favorite products but it does pay to shop around you may just find that their is a cheaper version of your favorite lotion at a fraction of the price.


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