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Kids Consignment Shop: Sell Kids Gently Used Clothes

Updated on July 25, 2010

Kids Consignment Shop

There are a few things you can do when the kids grow out of their clothes. Donate them (Don't forget to get a receipt for the tax benefit), throw them away, give them to a friend, sell them online (Ebay, Craigslist) or put them in a Kids Consignment Shop.

Purging out the clothes your kids don't wear is an excellent way to do some closet spring cleaning. Without purging you end up with baskets of clothes that never get worn and constant unnecessary clutter.

The little baby consignment shops and kids consignment shops are popping up everywhere. A Kids Consignment Shop can be a great way to give a second life to the kids clothes you took such great care of but just don't fit your kid anymore.

Baby consignment shops and Kids Consignment Shop will sell your kids gently used clothes and you get a part of the sale. A Kids consignment shop will collect, price, and market your Kids gently used clothes and when the sale is made. You get a chunk of the sale.

The rules vary in each different Kids Consignment Shop. How they work with the consigner should be laid out in detailed rules. You should know excatly how much you and they will be getting for the sale.

Kids consignment shop
Kids consignment shop

Preparing Clothes For The Kids Consignment Shop Sell

In our area a Kids Consignment Shop is a huge help to moms to sell and buy gently used clothes. Because there is such a huge demand, our Kids Consignment Shop local to us expects that clothes arrive in near perfect condition. They have so much inventory coming and going, especially in this time when everyone needs to earn a buck and find a bargain.

When Gathering Clothes To Sell At A Kids Consignment Shop ALWAYS Remember These Tips

  • Clothes MUST be washed. Consider using a little extra fabric softener if they have been stored for awhile.
  • Many Kids Consignment Shop stores will not accept clothes over 3 years old. Read your rules
  • Fold clothes nicely and straighten when necessary. Nothing should be left inside out or in a condition that would require the Kids Consignment Shop to Have to care for them. All They should have to do is tag them and place on a hanger
  • Pay Attention To Season. Your Summer clothes may be adorable but they wll not sell in Winter. Some Kids Consignment Shop owners will not even accept clothes out of season. If it doesn't work for the next one or two seasons, it needs to go back in storage.
  • Package according to the rules. Many Kids Consignment Shop rules dictate that you may not bring in plastic bags. There is a reason for this. It's because it's easier for them to keep track if there aren't a bunch of bags with permanent marker names on them. Find a box or two that will fit your clothes.
  • Clothes get mixed up. That box you are packaging your clothes in should have your full name and phone number on it, especially if the Kids Consignment Shop does not enter clothes into computer right away.
  • Know when you must pick up clothes and what the procedure is if you don't. You may lose your adorable items that didn't sell.

kids consignment shop
kids consignment shop

Kids Consignment Shop Deals

To make money.. You sell. To save money you buy. You want to get the most out of your gently used kids clothes in the selling price. Why wouldn't you want to get the best price when your buying.

Ask about deals and specials on the clothes that are hitting the end of their season. Many times these go on discount. Ask about deals for consigment sellers. At our Kids Consignment Shop I've been allowed to have my earned consignment dollars doubled for spending in the shop when I brought in 25 items. I ended up spending $40 on gently used clothes, on discount for nearing the end of their 90 days, and all I did was sell $20 of clothes my daughter could no longer wear anyways.

What Is Your Best Kids Consignment Shop Tip??

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    • Ashley Joy profile image

      Ashley Joy 9 years ago

      I have been lucky enough to have several consignment shops in my area and for the most part they have some very good buys. It is a much better way to get the kids clothes than Ebay since I do not have to pay shipping when I buy. Plus I can use the clothes they outgrow to trade for new ones.

    • profile image

      Julie  9 years ago

      it is a good idea to have a kids consignment shop! But it seems no such stores in China,I heard of nothing about it before ...