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Sensitive skin best electric shavers

Updated on February 19, 2016

If there are facts in a man’s life that never change one of those is beard hair. We can change car, house, nationality, or even find another women, but in the morning the mirror will always present us with a hairy face that is not as pretty as it was the previous night. Some find it cool, she may find it sexy, but usually your boss will miss the coolness and sex appeal of a beard, so in the morning you will eventually have to perform face hygiene.

Our face skin is basically a soft layer called epidermis separating our organism from the exterior, therefore acting as a barrier to infection, with the particularity of having thick hairs that naturally grow in a hourly basis ( usually half an inch per month) , contrary to the epidermis that covers other parts of our bodies. The more we shave, the more the beard hair tends to get harder to cut and increases it´s growth rate, although not significantly over time.

Most of us use razor blades to shave, frequently the 5 and 10 disposable units packs,found in every supermarket or retailer. The good old fashioned razor has it’s advantages: cheap, easy to use, and you can easily ( read: affordable) try new brands or models to see how they work on your skin.

However if you get have a sensitive skin that easily gets cut, irritated or with that burning sensation when the after shave is used , or even if you don’t put it at all, things don`t get so easy to overcome. Even with sophisticated and expensive skin care lotions and creams, a men with a sensitive skin knows the annoying and uncomfortable feeling of a cut , dry or burned skin and how it can act as a catalyst for a bad start at the beginning of another day.

There will be blood
There will be blood

The best electric shavers were made to solve most of these problems. At the beginning you will feel some discomfort and even irritation and usually regret the money spent on your purchase, however if you give time ( one week is enough) to your epidermis to adjust to this new shaving method soon you will benefit from the advantages it will provide you with.

Firstly you wont need to buy shave foam or other type of moisture to prepare your skin to hair removal, therefore cutting a constant source of expenditure. Some hot water and a towel is all you will need to get it done, preferably after your morning bath when you skin is more relaxed and prepared ( remember that hot water softens hair and causes it to expand, making it easier to be removed) ;

Secondly no minor cuts and blood drops that besides hurting will often ruin the shirt collar or even the tie: not the best way to start a day In my opinion

Finally you will leave minor traces behind, as most of the hairs remain in the shaving system making it a clean way of doing your daily hygiene.

Most common shaving systems come with multiple shaving heads to ensure pressure is applied simultaneously over two or three spots , therefore smoothing the contact . Those floating heads have another great advantage as they track the contours of your face and neck, assuring everything is done with the least amount of passages, which translates into less probability of skin damage.

Even if you prefer to shave in the shower most models are water proof and work using a rechargeable battery ( like a cell phone) so you can take them with you and leave the bathtub with all the work done.Another great feature in most of these systems is a small side wing that pops up , the trimmer, that gets the job done when it comes to sideburns or mustache grooming .

Maintenance wise it is as simple as it gets: almost every model in the market is 100% washable, you just need to unplug the machine , separate the head ( where the blades are attached) from the body and wash it under warm water-usually every 2 or 3 weeks is enough.

Single head shaving systems are similar to their multiple sibling's, the only difference is one wider blade doing all the job so usually a couple of extra passages through your neck are recommended but in the other hand the results are slightly better with no need for small adjustments in the end.

If you are a constant traveler an electric shaver can really be a gem as it saves you precious time in the morning and it fits pretty well at your pack-usually they came with a small case slightly bigger than the machine itself. The fact that it does provide a long battery autonomy makes it perfect for that traveling buddy that can save you at an airport, train station or even in the bathroom in the office 5m before that important business meeting that originated your trip.

After you acquire a Shaving system make sure you allow your skin to adapt to the new process so don´t get anxious with a little burn or sourness at the beginning: sooner that you expect it will go away and make you forget traditional razor blades.

Another piece of advice is for you to try finding a machine that has a light indicating its plugged in and another indicating low battery, like the ones we can found in laptops or digital cameras, but don’t pay that much attention to this detail as batteries usually last from 3 days to a whole week with a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about having it charged daily.

P.S.- another great advantage of a shaving system is that you can shave on your journey to work if you miss the wake up hour : I know its not pretty, I know it’s against the law, I know your rear-view mirror can be too short for the task, but Mr. Bean left us with a great tutorial on morning hygiene :-)


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