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Sephora Tweezerman Petite Tweezer Set

Updated on November 12, 2012

Tweezerman Petite Tweezers

Two Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping Kit

My original tweezers that I grew to love were from Sephora's Two Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping and Defining Kit. I bought it because it cost the same as one brow shaping appointment. I realized that I didn't need to have bushy eyebrows and spend a fortune to maintain them. All I needed to do was learn the art of eyebrow shaping.

My criteria for new tweezers when I lost mine were a pair that were equally as good as the pair that came in the brow shaping kit. I knew that drugstore tweezers would not do. I had to return to Sephora and that is when I discovered the Sephora Tweezerman Petite Tweezer Set.

These are the reasons why I chose it over a drugstore pair of tweezers.

1. Small Size

When I lost my tweezers, I tried a drugstore pair of tweezers but found I didn't have control of the hair because they were longer. I became accustomed to mini tweezers where I can have more control of tweezing and shaping because your hands are closer to the brow hair.

Tweezerman Petite Tweezers are nice and small so you can have full control. This is important not only for brow shaping but also for when you are pulling the unruly facial chin hairs.

2. Slanted Shape

The slanted shape of the tweezers give you more room to grasp the hair and keep hold of it until it is completely pulled. Slanted shape gives the best shape for coverage and hold.

The drugstore tweezers did not have as much of a slant and therefore the hairs can escape before you have pulled it. This is a pain because the last thing you want to do is to have to repeatedly pull the same hairs.

3. Pointed Tweezer Bonus

I was only looking for regular tweezers but the Petite Tweezerman Set comes with pointed tweezers and this has been useful for ingrown hairs or finer hairs and details.

Since the tweezer set is more expensive at $30 for the set, you want to remember that you will receive two tweezers instead of one.

4. Quality

Tweezerman set is stainless steel and you can feel the quality in your hands. They are the right weight and shape for your hands to be able to shape and tweeze easily.

Drugstore tweezers are lighter in weight and feel.

5. Price

The price of the Tweezerman Petite Tweezer Set can likely be the only disadvantage at $30 per set. It is true that any drugstore brand tweezer will be likely half that price.

Overall Rating

4 stars for Tweezerman Tweezers


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