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Bras For Large Breasts

Updated on August 24, 2011

Having large breasts isn't always the party everyone thinks it is. Not only do some women suffer back pain – clothing issues are a constant. It’s just not that easy to find a quality bra if your breasts are larger than a D cup.

And if you want something sexy, it’s next to impossible.

I’m a 34DD which adds the issue of less common sizing to my search. A quality 40DD is actually easier to find than a 34DD, because DD breasts are more common in larger women. And if you’re a 32DD, you’d better be prepared to pay lots of dosh for something cute!

Fortunately, there are a companies offering sexy lingerie for big breasted women. These are high quality bras, ladies, and they are gorgeous. Some of them are pricey, some aren’t – but they are all of them beautiful. Please note: I have seen conflicting info as to whether or not UK and US cup sizes are equal. Most sites claim they are, but one in particular says anything over a D is no longer equal, and that US DD = UK E. I recommend you ask whomever you intend to purchase the bra from, they should be able to tell you for sure.

Panache Lingerie

Panache is an English company which caters to large breasted women. The company is growing quickly and they are expanding to North America. However, to be honest, I’m not sure where you can buy it over there. But don’t let that deter you, as you can easily purchase it online at a number of internet shops.

This line is a cross between sophistication and sexy. Some of the fashions are very daring, some playful - but all are beautiful and elegant.

Sizes Available: UK Cup Sizes D-K

Price Range: $40-$60 USD

Masquerade Lingerie

Masquerade is a actually a sexy little division of Panache, so it’s no surprise that they, too, cater to large breasts. These numbers are sleek, saucy and daring – I love them. Again, I’m not sure whether or not you can purchase them in the US, but you can certainly find them online at various UK lingerie outlets. Well worth the shipping, I think!

This style of this line is pretty much regency meets Moulin Rouge. Very playful, very sexy, very feminine.

Sizes Available: UK Cup Sizes D-G

Price Range: $30-$60 USD

Miss Mandalay Lingerie

Miss Mandalay is yet another UK lingerie company specializing in bras for large breasted women. And with a motto like "More than a handful" you can rest assured you're in the right place! Again, unfortunately, they are only available in the UK, so you'll have to shop online if you're buying in the States or another part of the world.

This line is actually fairly risque, but I couldn't include the really sexy stuff, as much of it was just on the other side of see-through. But believe me when I tell you the Kitten style is absolutely gorgeous, and I fully intend to find it!

Sizes Available: UK Cup Sizes C-GG

Price Range: $50 - $100 USD

Obviously, these are my personal faves. But, if you happen to prefer another brand which caters specifically to women with large breasts, feel free to mention it in the comments. A girl can never have too much lingerie, especially if it's sexy!


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