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Sexy Leather Lingerie

Updated on February 1, 2016
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Leather Lingerie

Sexy Leather Lingerie
Sexy Leather Lingerie | Source

Leather Lingerie

Leather Lingerie

Leather has been used for making clothes for a very long time. Ancient civilisations used leather to cloth and protect themselves. Leather has been used to make boots, tops, trousers, jackets, gloves, cloaks and even belts. There are a great many uses for leather when it comes to clothing. Leather was even used to create armour for warriors because it is a very tough and durable material and would protect the body from a lot of harm.

Leather has been used in the manufacturing of clothing for a long time because of the properties that it posses. Like I stated above leather is hard wearing and durable so it lasts a long time and is difficult to damage. It is also a very warm material and is water proof so you can wander around outside on a cold wet day and stay warm and dry. Leather is also very easy to clean and is breathable so you won’t get too hot wearing it.

Items made from leather do tend to be quite expensive because of the processes that go into creating the leather but they are high quality items and they least for a long time. Leather is often seen as a sexy material and now-a-days leather is being used to create sexy lingerie.

Leather lingerie is very sexy and looks amazing. There is a huge selection of leather lingerie available and comes in various different colours and styles. Leather lingerie can help boost a woman’s confidence in the bedroom and it really helps get your man in the mood as it is very visually appealing. When worn leather lingerie shows off your wild and passionate side and it will drive your man crazy with lust.

A lot of people, when they think about leather lingerie, conjure up an image of a dominatrix or something similar but this does not have to be the case. Not all leather lingerie will make you look like someone who has a fetish for whipping people. Some leather lingerie will give you a Xena Warrior Princess style that is incredibly sexy others may give you the look of a hot female street racer.

There are various different types of leather lingerie that you can buy and they include:

  • · Bras
  • · Panties
  • · Hot pants
  • · Vests
  • · Thongs
  • · G-strings
  • · Halter tops
  • · Corsets
  • · Baby dolls
  • · Tube tops
  • · And many more

You can pretty much pick up a set of leather lingerie that will suit your tastes. Some leather lingerie is wild some are more conservative but all are very sexy.

If you are looking to get yourself some sexy leather lingerie then there is a massive selection available online. Leather is easy to care for and hard to damage. When you first put on the leather lingerie it may feel a little cold but the leather will quickly warm up and match your body temperature so you won’t feel cold for long.

Why is leather lingerie so sexy?

Leather lingerie is considered very sexy for a very simple reason. When it is worn correctly and the correct size it is quite tight and clings to your curves. It hugs your figure and shows off all of your sexy contours.

It is also considered sexy because it brings to the inagination to life. When a man sees a woman in leather lingerie it conjures up images of sexy, Amazonian, warrior-princess types. It can in some men conjure images of a dominatrix, which can be a huge turn on for some men. Leather lingerie is a great way to help bring to life your partners fantasies and can aid in increasing the intensity of your love life.

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How to care for your leather lingerie

Leather is quite an easy material to care for and to keep clean. Leather is a very durable and tough wearing material so a good quality piece of leather can last for years and still look new. There are a variety of ways of cleaning and caring for your leather goods.

To keep your leathers in good condition you must remember that it is made from skin. Caring for your leather is like caring for your own skin. You must ensure that the leather does not dry out, or you will risk it beginning to crack and fall apart. Storing your leather goods some where dry is a good idea, but you should never store it too close to a heat source or the leather will dry out. The leather must be exposed to air or it will start to mould. This will completely ruin your leather outfit. Make sure that where ever you store it has good ventilation to allow the air to get to it. Leather can lose it's shape over time so it is a good idea to store your leather goods on a hanger. There are hangers specially designed for lingerie.

Keeping your leather clean is quite simple. You can take your leathers to a dry cleaners for proffessional cleaning as most dry cleaners provide leather cleaning services. If you are too embaressed to take your sexy leathers to a dry cleaners, fear not, you can clean them at home. If you pick up a simple saddle soap you can use this with water (follow the products instructions for measurements) and a damp cloth. Simnply wipe down the leather with the damp cloth. The cloth must be damp not sodden. You do not want to soak the leather. If the leather does get wet you must allow the garment to air dry. Do not use a heat source to dry out the lingerie. Once the lingerie is dry apply a leather conditioner to it to keep the leather supple and prevent it from cracking.

If you want to keep the lingerie looking new all you have to do is apply a leather polish to the lingerie in between uses.

Leather body suit


Dispelling the Myth

There is a myth that leather lingerie makes you hot and sweaty and begins to smell. This is not strictly true. If you do not clean and look after your leather lingerie then it can begin to smell. Following the cleaning advice above will prevent the leather from stinking.

Leather lingerie is unlikely to make to sweat excessively. Some sweat is obviously going to occur due to the fact that leather lingerie is commonly used in an intimate senario. Getting hot and sweaty usually occurs in these instances and is perfectly natural. The leather will not increase the amount of sweat. It is important that after use you clean the leather lingerie, just as you would any other type of lingerie after use. You wouldn't wear a pair of silk knickers for an intimate night and then put them straight back into your draw, you would clean them, the same must be done for your leathers.

To be fair if all you are wearing is your leather lingerie then it is unlikely that you will sweat too much any way.

Choosing a good quality leather is a good way of easily keeping it clean and new and smelling fresh. Who doesn't find the smell of leather intoxicating?

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Leather lingerie fashion 2014


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