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Sexy Red Leather Dress

Updated on June 3, 2018
trotter2099 profile image

I have been a chef for the last 10 years but I enjoy writing as a hobby. I really enjoy writing for Hubpages because it is fun

Red Leather Dress

Leather is a material that never seems to completely drop out of style. The same goes for little red dresses. The fashions may change, but these two items always seem stylish. The styles just seem to get updated every year.

The little red dress is a versitile little number that can be worn for various occassions:

  • On a date to make him drool
  • Cocktail parties
  • Dinner parties
  • Office parties
  • Clubbing
  • anywhere that it is appropriate to look stunning and sexy

Leather is always a stylish material to wear. Mankind has been wearing leather for millions of years. Our caveman ancestors wore leather to keep warm and to protect them from larger predators. Leather is a very versitile material and is used to make:

  • handbags
  • lackets
  • shoes
  • boots
  • lingerie
  • cloaks
  • gloves
  • belts
  • and many more items

Leather is also very durable and, if well cared for, can last a very long time indeed. Leather is also a very sexy material. It looks great and smells great.

In recent years red leather dresses have become increasingly popular and it is because they are little, red and leather. Merging the fashionable little red dress with leather was a great idea and has been a hit with women globally.

Red leather clubwear

Sexy red leather dresses have become more popular over the last few years with the emergence of 'clubwear'. Clubwear has become very fashionable and is making more headway into the mainstream.

Clubwear is the type of outfits that are worn when going 'clubbing'. The styles women wear when they are out dancing at night clubs are often very provocative and somewhat revealing. They are made from various different materials and have various different styles but the common nature of clubwear is the overall effect. It is designed to get the wearer noticed. Clubwear is a style that turns heads (and often makes men drool). It reveals just enough to get noticed but leaves enough for the mans imagination to go wild. Deep plunging tops, short skirts, short dresses, sheer material, figure hugging outfits and cleavage boosting designs all help to make up clubwear.

Sexy little red leather dresses are the perfect addition to the clubwear market as the designs are limited only by the imagination of the designers. Leather is a fantastic material for making a dress because of its ability to cling to the curves of the hips and legs. It is also a perfect material for clubbing because it is hardwearing and any drinks spilled on it can be easily wiped off. Using red leather to make the dress gives it that extra wow factor. Red is a striking colour and draws the eye. It also gives the wearer very passionate style.

Example of a sexy red leather dress


How should a leather dress be worn?

It is really easy to look sexy and stylish in leather, but to ensure you look your best you should take into account the following tips and advice.

The first thing to think about is whether to go for real leather or faux leather. Faux leather is a great choice because it is usually cheaper than leather and is great for people who wish to support animal rights. There are loads of celebrities who go for faux leather for that reason, so there are plenty of designer faux leather dresses available on the market if you want something designer. On the other hand leather tends to be a little more expensive because it costs more to produce and lasts a lot longer than the faux variety.

Another thing to consider is the size of the dress. When you are trying on leather dresses you should make sure that it is tight fitting. Loose fitting leather dresses do not look great and will develop creases, which can be difficult to get rid of. A tight leather dress is what you want because it will conform to your shape. It will hug your figure and cling to you in a very appealing and attractive way.

The length of the dress is something to consider as well. Wearing a tight leather dress can be a problem if the dress is too short. If it is too short you will constantly be pulling the dress down and adjusting yourself to avoid showing off what lingerie you have on. Watching a woman constantly pulling at herself can be quite off putting. A short leather dress is sexy but too short isn't. If you are uncomfortable wearing a short leather dress then you could go for a knee length red leather dress. Knee length is still sexy and prevents the accidental exposure of your underwear. Even an ankle length leather dress can be very sexy, although getting one with a split down the side will make it much easier to walk in.

Faux leather dress

Faux leather dress
Faux leather dress | Source

Why wear a short leather dress?

There are many reasons why you could opt for a sexy leather dress. The main reason is that it has a big psychological impact on the woman who wears it. If you dress sexy you feel sexy. Some women have confidence issues and low self esteem (probably due to all the rubbish that womens magazines print that damages the confidence of the readers in order to sell them the latest beauty products). Wearing sexy outfits can help to boost the confidence of these women. Some women put a lot of stock into what other people think about them and this bleeds over into their romantic lives. A short leather dress can help to make a woman fee sexy and can give them a boost in their self esteem. A woman going to a night club, whilst wearing a sexy little red dress, will get noticed by the males in the crowd. Those males will look at her with desire. This will boost the woman's confidence because she wants to feel sexy and desirable and the dress helps to achieve this.

A short, tight, red leather dress can also be used to inject a lusty spark back into a relationship. Imagine the look on your boyfriend/huband's face when you strut into the room wearing a sexy red dress that boosts your cleavage and clings nicely to your bottom and shows off your shapely legs. His jaw will drop and his eyes will bulge like a cartoon cat that has just seen a female cartoon cat.

Red Faux Leather Mini Dress

Sexy wraparound dress
Sexy wraparound dress | Source

Celebrity Red Leather Dress

What to wear with your dress?

When donning a sexy red leather dress there are a few items that you can pick up that will help to increase the sexyness of the outfit.

A black leather jacket is a great addition to this outfit. Black leather jackets never go out of style and they come in such a huge variety of styles that it is easy to find a jacket that goes with the dress. Also the black goes very well over the top of red the colours go very well together.

The next item that you could add are leather boots. Either black or red boots would work well. Red cowboy boots would look very sexy. The length of the boots that you choose would depend very much on the length of the dress. A short dress would look really good with thigh high leather boots. A longer dress would require shorter boots.

A leather handbag/clutch would match the outfit very well and will be a great place to keep your purse and lipstick and all the other stuff women take with them on a night out.

Don't go over board with the jewellery. A simple gold neck lace and maybe a gold ring would work well with the dress as gold looks amazing with red (it also looks great with black if you opted for a black jacket and black boots).

Do you own a red leather dress?

Do you own a sexy red leather dress?

See results

© 2016 trotter2099


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