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Silky Sheer Pantyhose For Men

Updated on October 21, 2009

Tips N' Tricks

To make your pantyhose last longer, invest in some clear nail polish, that old trick about putting a little polish around a run to stop it spreading really does work.

Oh, and cut your toenails. The leading cause of runs in pantyhose is catching them on a ragged toenail, ripping the delicate wave. This results in runs or 'ladders' that travel the entire length of the stocking, effectively ruining them, and making the wearer look like an 80's porn star.

For many men, the epitome of feminine leg wear is a simple pair of sensually sheer pantyhose. This may surprise women, who quite often only wear pantyhose because of uniform requirements, or if it is a particularly cold day and all their other stockings have runs in them. For many men who like to wear lingerie however, sheer pantyhose are a potent symbol of femininity, possibly because men have long observed this type of pantyhose being worn by all kinds of women women ranging from police women to teachers, to runway models.

When choosing sheer pantyhose, it helps to understand the ratings system which is in place with respect to the sheerness of stockings. The term 'denier' refers to the sheerness quotient of the stocking or pantyhose. Higher numbers reflect thicker, more opaque pantyhose, whereas lower numbers reflect more sheer pantyhose. Sheer pantyhose usually range from around 15 to 20 denier, though the category of 'sheer' traditionally runs all the way up to around 40 denier. One shouldn't be too swayed by denier ratings however, as the material which the stockings are made from determines the sheerness as much as the denier rating, some modern materials are woven 50 to 70 denier but still achieve a sheer effect, thus effectively making the entire system obsolete and useless. How very like life.

At the other end of the spectrum, ultra sheer pantyhose can go as low as 6 denier, and are so light and sheer that it may be almost impossible to tell that the wearer has any pantyhose on at all. This makes ultra sheer pantyhose a good choice for men who want to experience the feel of pantyhose under their clothes during the work day, but don't want the risk of being discovered.

In terms of materials, Lycra is a common material used in the production of sheer pantyhose, though nylon, spandex, and elastane are all common materials used in the making of sheer hosiery.

Be aware too that some sheer pantyhose is designed to have a sheen to it. This may be desirable if you are looking to sparkle in a pretty fashion, but less desirable if you chose a pair of sheer pantyhose as a means of stealthily wearing lingerie.

Warning: Some sheer pantyhose may be so sheer that it is hard to see that the wearer is, in fact wearing any hosiery, but beware of scams involving brands such as 'The Emperor's New Pantyhose' - bottom line, if you can't see it with your eyes, it's not really there.


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