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Silk Lingerie For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

Silk was once only attainable from the cocoon of a hardworking sweatshop silkworm paid less than 0.001 of a cent per day. Nowadays, in this modern and enlightened age, you might think that the silkworms are kicking back and playing PlayStation whilst scientists in white coats synthesise silk in shiny laboratories. However the tyrrany of silk moths continues so that you and I can enjoy some of the most sensuously soft, smooth lingerie on the planet and if that isn't worth dying for, then what is? (The silkworms dying, I mean, not you or I, that would be silly.)

Because silk cannot simply be pumped out of a machine, and must be pumped out the backside of a little wriggly thing, silk is fairly expensive. It's worth it though, just one pair of silk panties are enough to change anyone's experience of lingerie for a lifetime.

All silk lingerie in this piece was discovered at Secrets In Lace, purveyors in very fine lingerie indeed.

Bettie Page Brief

The Bettie Page brief is a symphony in silk. Made of 100% pure silk, these briefs have a vintage cut which caters perfectly for the man who wears lingerie. Note the high rise front of the panty, all the way to her belly button. That means complete coverage for the discerning man in lingerie.

Silk Slip

This silk slip is incredibly gorgeous. Seriously stunning. One could look at it for hours, and wear it for aeons. Once again, it is made out of 100% silk, and as a bonus, hemmed with gorgeous black contrasting lace. This is the sort of piece you would keep in your collection for a lifetime.

Tap Pant

Continuing the trend of lace and silk, the tap pant is a very nice little piece of lingerie. You get your silky sensations where they matter, a high waist, a high cut panty line and lace galore. This piece is part of the same collection as the slip, and there are several other coordinating pieces you can add to your collection over time.

From their range alone, it is easy to tell that Secrets In Lace succeeds where many other lingerie manufacturers fail. They combine class, a retro flavor and real innovation with some of the finest materials available on the planet. If you're looking for lingerie of this caliber, I would recommend that you refrain from chain lingerie stores and instead try out those mysterious and hidden boutiques which still lurk here and there around most cities. These are the places you'll find the really good stuff.


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    • profile image

      Dennis 8 years ago

      i just don't wear panties slips stocking bra dress for the fun of it i wear it for the beauity of the garment and the beauity it makes me feel like i am very specail to me. i have been wearing panties for 54 years now and loved it . i worn the panties in the 50 and 60 these where the best panties beauityful and lacey make you feel like your on top of the world. so did the garter belts and gridles made you feel fabulis and complete. this was the most beauityful years of my life and proud that i wear these garments with the ladies feeling the beauity every day its awsome

    • profile image

      iwhcpanties 8 years ago

      I love the tap pant set, a must have!

    • profile image

      reddy 8 years ago

      hum i love to wear panties and bra but scared to do as am a boy....

    • profile image

      Manuel 8 years ago

      Wow where can I get my hands and get into these beautiful garments

    • profile image

      Stormy 8 years ago

      Secrets in Lace is one of my favorite places when I want that certain look...and the looks you have here are gorgeous! Thanks


    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      You're welcome guys :)

    • profile image

      John 8 years ago


      Thanks for the link...!!....:)

    • profile image

      spin 8 years ago

      Thanks Hope! I had to wipe a little drool off my face, those are nice!