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Thigh High Boots For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009

No boot is more dramatic than the thigh high boot. Slithering up the length of the leg, elongating and defining it, thigh high boots are undeniably dramatic and sexy. A man wearing thigh high boots is sure to turn heads, and even if he only wears them in the privacy of his own home (the boots, not heads - that would be weird), the mental boost gained from donning such a par of boots and lacing or zipping them up, up, all the way is a unique rush.

There are a wide variety of thigh high boots to choose from ranging from (CLICHE WARNING) mild to wild! Check out some of these styles to get yourself some thigh high inspiration.

Corset Laced Thigh High Boot

This corset laced boot combines the strength of leather with the delicate touch of lacing and imparts a classic Gothic look to your footwear. With laces snaking up the back of your legs, allowing cool air to waft against your skin, you'll feel the uniqueness of these boots with every step.

PVC Platform Thigh High Boot

Feeling a little bit retro? What better way to recreate the swinging sixties than with a pair of bright red PVC platform boots, adding height and hotness to your high heel experience. These should probably only be worn by men with extensive high heel experience as fall from these babies could prove to be potentially limb threatening.

Electra Thigh High Boots

Found the previous suggestions a little passe? How about these Electra boots which combine the best of buckles and straps. Once you get them on, there's no way these babies will be coming off anytime soon, that's for sure! If nothing else, these boots are versatile, perfect for the Dungeon or the Mental Health Facility.

Pink Thigh High Boots

Of course, if its a feminine feel you're after, why not try out some pretty pink thigh high boots? With a stiletto heel and a sweet pink hue, you'll be squeaking and creaking in these patent leather boots all the way to the bedroom.

Enjoyed these suggestions? Why not check out the He Wears Heels blog? Devoted to men who just like to wear women's shoes sometimes, He Wears Heels looks at the issues associated with wearing women's shoes, as well as finding some delightful treats for men looking to make additions to their shoe collection. After all, why should women have all the the fun?


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