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Sexy Underwear II

Updated on February 17, 2018

We know that underwear means more than what is worn on the bottom under our clothes. For women that’s lingerie and within that category are bras, teddies, chemises, bustiers, babydolls and a host of other names.

Women, myself included, love sexy underwear in general. It makes us feel soft and feminine. It keeps that sly smile on our face knowing that under our clothes is that wisp of a g-string, garter belt and or stockings.

Then there are the pieces that tease and seduce that special man in our lives, make his mouth water and makes him pay attention. As women, we love that. It gives us a confidence boost to know that our man wants us.

There’s nothing, okay almost nothing, as gratifying as seeing a man’s face when he gets you out of your clothes and then he sees what you’re wearing underneath. There you are, standing in you heart stopping little red teddy or pink bustier and matching thong and high heels of course. It’s enough to make him stop breathing. For you, it’s a moment of pure triumph that you’ve brought him to his knees.

Sexy underwear, should be comfy too in my book. It should fit well with a good seat or crotch. I absolutely dislike underwear (I have a few in my drawer still) that keeps riding up off my behind or getting stuck between my cheeks. Nothing sexy about those, I tell you. Except maybe to our significant other who likes to gander at said derriere.

Even though I’m discussing sexy underwear, I have several not very flattering underwear in my drawer too. It’s a girl thing. Ladies you feel me? We have our times when we just want the old, comfy, cotton drawers for when we get our period or just because. There are the bras that we wear every day and the ones for special occasions, like the frilly one. I’m not gonna give away any more of our secrets though. That was just a little look see if you’re a guy reading this. In case you didn’t already know this about us.

Now, I hope you like this look at some of the other underwear styles that you find here. If you don’t like it, you can always tell me about it.

I love underwear and probably have a few or would love to have some that I’ve put on this page. Well, I’m off, you know where to find me.

© 2010 Chris Eddy111


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