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Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Updated on September 3, 2011

Red Wings

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Are you looking for a sexy costume for Halloween? If so you have come to the right place. Here you will find a range of sexy Halloween costumes for women, along with their accessories to make a great fancy dress outfit.

Sexy costumes are great at Halloween, whether you are attending a Halloween ball or a fancy dress party in your local bar or nightclub. These sexy Halloween costumes are just the ticket if you are trying to impress your dream guy on the dance floor or if you are trying to put your boyfriend in the mood.

This page will provide a range of the best sexy Halloween costumes for women. These costumes can also be worn at Halloween or other fancy dress parties throughout the year.

Best sexy Halloween costume for single women

If you are single and are planning a Halloween night out, a singles night or attending a Halloween ball you may want to dress up in a sexy cupid Halloween costume to try and bag the man of your dreams. I have searched for Halloween cupid costumes and found this naughty cupid costume on Amazon complete with red angel wings and cupid bow and arrow.

You can accessorize this by wearing the heart head bopper I have also shown. Red socks are not a necessity, but may be required if you are going to be outdoors alot. These are just a few things you would need to carry off the sexy Halloween cupid costume.

Sexy French Maids Costume for Halloween

If you are in a loving relationship or happily married you may wish to celebrate Halloween with a night in or a night in a posh hotel. Whether you stay at home or in a hotel you can dress up in a sexy Halloween costume for your husband or boyfriend.

There is a good selection of sexy womens Halloween costumes including the French Maid, shown to the left. Amazon shoppers have rated this costume very highly giving it 4.5 stars out of 5, with one shopper saying it is the best French maids costume ever. The sexy french maid's costume comes with choker, headpiece and petticoat. You can accessorize it with some fishnet tights, gloves and duster for the ultimate effect. This costume may be pricey but it can be reused at fancy dress parties.

Sexy Nurse Costumes for Halloween

Sexy Nurse Halloween Costumes

Most men like to fantastize that their women is a sexy nurse, who can tend to their every need. If you are not a nurse and do not have the traditional blue nurses tunic, you can still dress up as a sexy nurse with these costumes. There are a few different sexy nurse costumes, available in a variety of sizes. Accessorizing a nurses costume is easy, all you need is white fishnet stockings or tights.

Will you be wearing one of these sexy costumes at Halloween

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