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Shaving Issues and Razor Problems

Updated on November 2, 2010
Here's Mine It's Probably a Couple Years Old Now
Here's Mine It's Probably a Couple Years Old Now

One Shaving Tip For Numerous Issues

If you want to keep looking for lotions and treatments for razor burns, bumps, irritation, bikini line issues,etc, keep on searching or if you'd rather be done with it all and have the smoothest shave ever you've found it.

I'm not one to rant to much about products unless it's two products for my horses or my razor mate. I've had this razor mate now for a couple of years and another one before that but it got lost when I moved.

This thing keeps the razor blade, (any regular razor) so sharp and the blade so straight that the shave is incredible. No bumps, burns, irritations, rashes, bikini line issues, etc.  And if that wasn't enough it keeps my razor blades straight with the magnet inside (that;s how they say it works) that I can use the same razor for about 3 weeks, and I shave legs, etc, almost everyday!

It's unbelievable I'm telling you that you will never find anything like it . I hardly ever buy razors which is great because I have always liked the more expensive ones (you know with the three blades), but  I don't worry about it because I rarely buy them

There It Is Magntic Razor -Mate

Quick Story Well Testimonial I Guess

I have to tell you this quick story. An older gentleman that I work with, (look I'm well over 50 so when I say older I mean older) that I love dearly but is probably one of the most stubborn, will not try anything new, people I've ever met. He takes the word skeptical to a whole different level.

Anyway a few years ago when I was ordering my magnetic razor mate online he walked in my office and when we started talking I told him what I was doing. Well that was the start of "That thing doesn't work it's in your head", etc,etc,etc. So I knew his birthday was coming up so I bought him one mainly because in the conversation, (him more than me for a change) he stated he can only use a razor for 2 days, and he bought the really good ones.Or could it be I wanted to prove my point, (the real reason).

So on his birthday when he opened it you should have seen his face. But I made him promise to go home and try it and if it didn't work, or he didn't like it, I would return it and take him to dinner or something. Well, that was almost two years ago and I know he told his daughter in law and son about it because I saw them in Wal Mart

He finally told me he now uses the same razor that he used to use for 2 days for 2 weeks. Now you have to understand this is from someone who still uses a typewriter and refuses to use a computer.We all still love him and his typewriter and always will.

As For the Other Products

I believe every man, and maybe even some women need a Groom Mate Platinum. Guys, I'm sorry but there is nothing worse than hair hanging out of those orifices. Sorry but that's just ugh!

The Battlestar Exclusive I thought would make a great gift. The bag is not only cute but useful.

You already know what I think about the razor mate and I promise you that you will save the cost and then some in razors. So check it out believe me your significant other will notice a difference. And once you have it you just can't be without it, at least I couldn't.

I almost forgot if you get one make sure you get in the habit of putting it back on the razor mate.I still forget sometimes. I usually put a new razor on when I know the old one is on its last shave. Yes I put the new razors on it before I use them.

What's funny is you'll want to shave more, but need to shave less.

Oh yeah, and guys if you want us to stop using your razors here is the perfect solution

Make it an incredible day. You deserve it.

If You Get One I Want Reviews Please Thanks

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