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Shearling Boots | Essential Winter Footwear

Updated on November 12, 2010

Shearling is a prominent trend at the current time, and it is most fortuitous too, for shearling is not only attractive, it is also very warm and excellent at wicking moisture away from the skin. In other words, it is pretty much the perfect material for making boots.

For those unaware of the process by which shearling is obtained, shearling is essentially a wool and leather product, being the skin of a yearling sheep that was previously shorn to a uniform cut. So essentially, you're wearing the skin of an animal that just had the best hair day of its life. Does that make you feel better about things?

Shearling boots, particularly shearling ankle boots are currently regarded as being incredibly stylish, though longer boots are also in vogue and perhaps more suited to people who live in colder climes. Come with me as we take a short journey through shearling boot styles and look upon the wonders of footsy comfort.

Charlotte Russe Chunky Heel Shearling Boots

I start this collection with these stunning chunky heel shearling boots from Charlotte Russe, because in my humble opinion, they are everything shearling boots should be. They look incredibly comfortable with their shearling lining, and yet their sleek shine avoids the 'casual' connotations that can sometimes come with wearing shearling about one's feet. The chunky heel adds height to the wearer without putting them at too much mortal danger of slipping on snow and ice.

A lovely blend of practical considerations and fashion aesthetic makes these boots a great buy this winter, and at just over $45 they certainly won't break the bank.

Tory Burch Shearling Boots with Buckles

Suede and shearling, the two s's of winter comfort come together in these shearling boots from Tory Burch which feature buckle detailing. A lovely boot for more casual forays into a winter wonderland. These boots are both entirely on trend and also eminently stylish, and unlike the boots featured above, their flat rubber sole means that should you need to, you could make a quick getaway. I always like to advise my readers as to the practicality of footwear with regards to escaping a sticky situation, and these boots get a 5/5 on that count.

Cole Haan Shoes, Air Michelle Shearling Boots

All the words used to title these boots aside, these ankle boots really are the height of fashion this season, there's just something about the triangular wedge heel and stumpy rise that makes fashionistas lose their fickle fashionista minds.

What I like about this particular pair of boots is that in spite of the fact they look like they just trotted off a runway somewhere, they'll serve you well in all your bipedal endeavors. Shop style says it best when it comes to these boots: Their utility trend styling includes hiking boot-inspired accents, a warm shearling lining and a comfy high-tech Nike Air sole on a sassy wedge heel.

Yeah, I love my heels sassy.


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