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Sheepskin Flying Jacket

Updated on January 16, 2015

Why choose a Sheepskin Flight Jacket over any other Bomber Jackets?

Sheepskin is generally regarded one of the better materials for clothes mainly due to the fact that it is warm, soft and does not cause static. This is very important for flying jackets because the temperatures in high altitudes decrease dramatically. Also known as bomber jackets, sheepskin jackets are one of the best jackets whether you intend to fly or stay on the ground.

Sheepskin flying jackets became popular after the First World War due to the common sight of one. Much like jeans, they became a part of everyday casual wear. For added wind resistance and rough conditions, leather jackets wear introduced but were not considered warm enough. Therefore, fur lined flaps and cuffs using sheepskin were introduced. For the dollar minded shoppers, faux sheepskin flying jacket were produced to drastically lower costs and therefore prices in place of an average mens sheepskin jacket.

How to Take Care of Your Sheepskin Jacket

Similar to your average sheepskin coats, taking care of any sheepskin jackets for men can be a hassle. These flight jackets needed the care of both a leather item and a sheep skin and fur item. Sheepskin is actually not waterproof. You can’t just throw them in the washing machine like other clothes and use the same detergent. Only very mild detergents made from non biological ingredients are suitable. Afterwards, leave them in a dry area but definitely not in direct sunlight as this will cause the sheepskin to wrinkle and lose its shape and texture. If you use warm water, strong detergent and leave it to dry in the sunlight or direct heat, it will destroy your sheepskin flight jacket, so keep that in mind.

Taking care of a faux sheepskin flying jacket is much simpler since the materials are often more sturdy. Simply washing in a washing machine will more than often suffice.

Anyone who has worn sheepskin flying jackets made from fake sheepskin such as nylon may have found that they needed to remove the jacket every now and then because of poor air ventilation within the jacket. Mens sheepskin flight jackets made from artificial materials used caused sweaty armpits and therefore real sheepskin is generally preferred although slightly more expensive. This is especially the case if it is a cashmere jacket with a leather surface.

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