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Shoes: Ten Toe Coverings

Updated on May 11, 2011

For me, shoe shopping is a

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Appeal, Price & Comfort

On the rare occasions when I venture into a shoe department or a shoe store, my aim is to be in and out within thirty or so minutes. I want to give myself enough time to really look at the shoes and to properly try on the ones I want to try on. My self set time limit in mind, I consider each shoe in three ways: appeal, price and comfort.

Do the shoes look good? In order for me to consider buying a new pair, they have to immediately capture my attention. If they don’t, regardless of how low the price is or if they feel like clouds, I will not buy them. There are many shoes in the store. If its not love at first sight, why bother? Furthermore, the shoes have to be pretty basic and perfect for practically every occasion. For this reason, I refuse to buy a shoe with spangles, sparkles or an abundantly funky design.

Being a thrifty person, I always check the price of the shoes before trying them on or truly examining them. I don’t want to get to like a shoe and then not be able to afford them. If the price tag makes my stomach turn, I move on to the next pair. However, if it’s a great price, I’ll spend time getting to know them.

Just from looking at a shoe, you have a general idea of how comfortable it’ll be. If a heel is too large, my ankle automatically swells up just looking at it. I will fall in that shoe and twist my ankle resulting in days of melodramatic whining and humorous limping. If the heel is just the right size, I will slip it on. Within that first second, you know if the shoe will work for you. Instant throbbing is your foot’s way of telling you to take the shoe off or there’ll be trouble. If the shoe passes these first couple of tests, it is time to walk that walk. You know that walk. It’s the one you take from one side of the room to the other to figure out if it feels good when you’re not just standing still. If it passes this test, you might as well walk those shoes to the register.

When the stars are aligned and the price, level of comfort and style are perfect for the first shoe you consider, the task of buying shows is pretty simple. However, this rarely happens. There will be days when box after box, show after shoe, you just can’t find anything. On such days, I recommend going barefoot.


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