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Shopping Bag With Wheels

Updated on April 3, 2011
Shopping bag with wheels
Shopping bag with wheels

Reasons To Buy A Shopping Bag With Wheels

A shopping bag with wheels makes it so much easier for people to go to the store, get their groceries and know that they will be able to get their goods home with ease and efficiency. There are now so many styles to choose from and these bags are not just for old people.

A shopping trolley is also used by those who are suffering from physical conditions that may make it harder to carry heavy loads as well as people who just want to make it easier to transport their goods.

Duro-Med Folding Shopping Bag with Wheels

This is a great example of a handy shopping bag. It is lightweight and water repellent which makes it perfect to use as it is easy to maneuver. The bag is large enough to carry a very good amount of shopping so your visit to the store will be made so much easier.

There is also a front pocket on this bag that has a zipper which provides extra storage that is nice and secure. One of the benefits of the Duro-Med Folding Shopping bag is that you can fold it down to the size of a pocketbook.

This is good for easy storage. It is also multi functional. The bag is sturdy enough for you to use to carry laundry as well as groceries.

Shop N Go shopping cart with wheels
Shop N Go shopping cart with wheels

Shop N Go Portable Folding Shopping Cart

Here is another example of a good quality shopping bag with wheels. The greatest benefit of this shopping bag is that the way that the wheels have been constructed and attached to the bag means that it is easy to roll up the stairs.  This is particularly helpful for people with problematic wrists or those who suffer from medical conditions such as arthritis or the after effects of a stroke.

If you know that you need to carry lots of groceries or other items up and down stairs, this could be the ideal solution to your predicament.  This type of shopping cart is quite versatile.

The bag has a zipper, a string lock system and an overhanging lip flap in order to keep the things in the bag safe and secure. 

Collapsible foldable shopping bag with wheels
Collapsible foldable shopping bag with wheels

Collapsible Foldable Portable Shopping Cart

This is a German made collapsible and foldable shopping trolley with wheels. The main selling point behind this bag is the fact that it is multi functional and can be folded three times so that it becomes the size of a small hand bag.

This makes it so much easier to store away, which is a bonus for those who live in apartments that are quite limited on space. Your handy shopping bag will not cause any clutter at all.

There are several colours and patterns that are available including black, bright orange, stunning green and polka dots.

These shopping bags have compact wheels and mini stands to help keep the bag upright while it is packed.


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