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Short Ivy League Haircuts For Men

Updated on July 28, 2011
Anderson Cooper ivy league hairstyle.
Anderson Cooper ivy league hairstyle. | Source

Short Ivy League haircuts for men look stylish and their personality can be called creative. However, matching your haircut with your personality is not always easy, but experimenting with different hairstyles could be fun for the men as well. Choose among the modern styles or the archaic, but texture and color will not limit your search for that one style that looks good.

The other factor in this equation is the stylist. A proper hairstylist can give a cut that will surely shed some of the years, and that is what most men will want at a certain stage in their life. Everyone admires a short, well-kept haircut, and it is the right thing for either a weekend outing, or the week in the office, or anything else that you may have in mind.

Therefore, take time when deciding on the style and put some time and effort in selecting the right one. Possibilities are endless, but you need to be thoroughly satisfied in the end. It is not necessary that all haircuts should look alike and the options available can give an individual style of your own. Of course, the final choice has to be based on your comfort level and individualistic preferences. One of the ways to go would be to try out some of the cuts and check with your acquaintances, whether it suits you.

Caesar Cut

Pick something old-fashioned to begin with. Caesar cut is something that probably Julius Caesar liked in his days. This requires hair to be cut to a layer 1 to 2 inches all around. After cutting off the extra hair, the remaining tuft is brushed forward on the forehead.

Eminem caesar cut.
Eminem caesar cut.

College Cut

Young college students often prefer a haircut that starts very short at the bottom of the skull near the neck. The length gradually increases until the very forehead where the bangs could be about three inches long. You could either part the bangs in the middle or brush it to one side.

College cut hairstyle.
College cut hairstyle.

Fade Haircuts

Another variant is the Fade. It starts short all around the base of the head and increases in length as you go up towards the top. Here, the length may reach 1-3 inches. Cutting the locks in layers creates a professional smooth flow that gives a neat appearance.

Shemar Moore taper fade hairstyle.
Shemar Moore taper fade hairstyle.

Ivy league Hair With Bangs

Both, the Europeans and the Americans, favor this style. However, they call it by different names. The Europeans call it fringe and the Americans prefer to call it the bangs. This is, basically, how the hair across the forehead is arranged.

Flat-Top Haircuts

Having a flat-topped head looks good for some. The hair is arranged and cut in such a way that the front is much shorter. The back is kept longer so that overall it looks flat at the top. This is a very popular theme among younger men.

Ivan Drago flattop hair.
Ivan Drago flattop hair.

Professional Cut

For the men in business, a traditional style that has held its place for ages is the professional cut. The front is cut somewhat long while the back is kept short. The front can then be swept either back or sideways to give this a powerful look.

George Clooney haircut.
George Clooney haircut.

You can choose from several more. The ones presented here are only the choice few of the Ivy League haircuts for men.


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