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Should I Go Blonde? Yes!

Updated on January 6, 2015
Yasmeen Ghauri -- Middle Eastern Blonde
Yasmeen Ghauri -- Middle Eastern Blonde

If you have ever asked yourself, "Can I go blonde" or "Should I go blonde?", the answer is an emphatic "Yes!"

No matter what your skin tone, ethnicity, or skin color is, there is a blonde hair color out there for you. Whether you want a dramatic change in hair color or always wanted to simply try being a blonde, this hub will give you ideas. And if you don't like the result, remember, blonde hair can easily be dyed over.

This hub shows you photos of celebrities who are not natural blondes but have colored their hair blonde. Yasmeen Ghauri, Eva Longoria, Tila Tequila, and Kim Fields will all give you the inspiration you seek to go blonde!

Can I go blonde with Mediterranean or Middle Eastern Features? (upper right photo)

This answer is relevant to you if you want to go blonde and have dark eyebrows, dark brown eyes, green or yellow undertones to your skin.

Yasmeen Ghauri's hair might look a little shocking to you at first, but the purpose of this hub is to show you that virtually anyone can go blonde.

While her look was an advertisement for Clairol hair color and her normal hair color is very dark brown, you should only try to achieve this look with the help of a salon professional.

Some brunettes are able to achieve lighter hair with the use of a spray-in hair lightener. You can often get golden or red hair tones with this product, depending on your natural shade of brown or black.

You can also slowly achieve blonder hair over time by going from dark brown to light brown. As time goes on, you can lighten your hair even further. If you do it in small increments over many months, it will be much less damaging and you won't have any of the shock that comes with a drastic change in hair color.

Eva Longoria -- Mexican-American Blonde
Eva Longoria -- Mexican-American Blonde

Giong Blonde with Hispanic Features (right)

Eva Longoria, who is Mexican-American, looks amazing with her blonde hair. Her color is done in a way that is quite subtle looking and very classic.

Eva has very light brown and wheat blonde colors interspersed throughout her hair.

Note that her dyed medium brown eyebrows also help the blonde hair look more natural on her.

It is very popular also for women in South America to dye their hair blonde -- even platinum.

If you are hesitant to go fully blonde as Eva did, you can always put light brown highlights in your hair for a blonder effect. You can then choose if you wish to go further.

Tila Tequila - Asian-American Blonde
Tila Tequila - Asian-American Blonde

Should I go blonde if I have Asian features? (above)

While the majority of people in Asian cultures do not choose to go blonde, it is sometimes seen in Japanese women. Since Asian hair is usually in good health, going blonde is not excessively damaging.

It's not surprising that Tila Tequila, a Vietnamese-American MTV actress, is blonde. Tila is a fun-loving girl who is the life of the party. Looking at her picture, the blonde hair melds very well with her slightly tan skin.

Tila has two blonde colors in her hair -- wheat blonde and light blonde. While her look requires a good amount of salon visits, it is such a fun, flattering look for her!

Kim Fields -- African-American Blonde
Kim Fields -- African-American Blonde

Going Blonde with African Features (right)

Many women with black or African features are hesitant to go blonde because black hair is delicate and easily damaged with harsh chemicals.

TV actress Kim Fields in the last few years has been noted for wearing her hair platinum blonde and with braids weaved into her hair. This look is very attractive on her.

If you choose to go for this look, you will have a few inches of hair that will need to be double processed. While this hair is subject to some damage, you will not have to worry about damage to the woven braids.

The trick is to make sure your roots and weaved hair consistently match each other in color.


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